The Elite and their special forces combined with their propaganda arm the Mass Media always leave their signature in the form of certain numbers upon some event which forms part of their current agenda. They believe in the occult power of numbers. They think that by staging an event around and containing certain numerical sums they will have success. The number 11, 22, 33, 44 etc and the number 13,26,39…and 666, are all favoured by these people who are willing prisoners of Satan.

11/22/1963 – JF. Kennedy is murdered by the CIA

9/11/1991 – GHW Bush announces an opportunity for a New World Order

Exactly 10 years later….

9/11/2001 – The Twin Towers were demolished by meticulously set demolition charges throughout both buildings and Micro nukes in the basements. At least 18 number 11’s on this day

6/30/2000- (36(6×6) or 9 which is 333) The Patriot movie released. Budget $110million – “9/11 perfect just perfect”

10/12/ 2002 – (10+12=22)(2002 is 22)The Bali Bombing was carried out killing 202(22) including 88(4×22 or 8 *11’s) Australians and 38(11) Indonesians, also injuring 209(11). Anyone see 11 here?

03/20/2003- US led invasion of Iraq– Which is 322 both ways…which is the number of Skull n Bones Society which GW. Bush is a member of as was his dad.

8/5/2003- (8+5=13) – JW. Marriot Hotel in Jakarta bombed–6 days later on 11th August al-Qaeda claimed responsibility via Al Jazeera.

3/11/ 2004 – (33) Madrid Bombing – 911 days after Twin Towers event. 13 bomb bags. 193 killed(13)—CBS reported 191 killed(9/11 or simply another 11)

11/11/2004 -Yasser Arrafat poisoned

12/26/2004 – (2×13) 9.3 Earthquakes causes Tsunami that killed 220,000 from 11 different nations.

07/07/2005 London Subway Bombing – 777- killing 52

8/29/2005 – (29th is 2+9=11) Hurricane Katrina- killed 1833,(666;3×11) Lowest pressure at 902mb(9+2=11) on the 28th Aug, then 920(9+2=11) at landfall on the 29th August.

10/1/2005 – (10+1=11) 2nd Bali Bombing 26 killed. At one stage reports carried the death toll as 22.

11/22/2005- (2×11)-Angela Merkel becomes German Chancellor

1/21/2008- (21st Jan is 1+21=22) – Black Monday in worldwide stock markets. FTSE 100 had its biggest ever one-day points fall, European stocks closed with their worst result since 9/11, and Asian stocks drop as much as 15%.

9/29/2008 – (29th is 2+9=11)-Dow Jones Industrial Average falls 777.68 points, its largest single-day point loss, following the bankruptcies of Lehman Brothers and Washington Mutual

11/4/2008 – (11×4=44)Barack Obama elected as 44th President of USA

1/25/2011-[1+25=26(2*13′s)and 2011~2+11=13 so altogether 39)] Egyptian Revolution of 2011 begins –sponsored by Soros

2/11/2011-[(22)and 2011=22 or 13] Egyptian Revolution ends after 18days(666) – Mubarak resigns

7/22/2011- (22/22) Terror attacks in Norway

2/22/2011 – (22nd is 2x11)Christchurch New Zealand 6.3 quake 185 deaths

3/11/2011- 33/13 or 33/22 Fukushima sabotage and 9.0 quake 130km east of Japan.

5/2/2011 -5/2~(52=4x13)2011~(2+11=13) Osama Bin Laden reportedly killed

2/18/2014- (18 is 666) Ukraine revolution begins sponsored by G Soros

2/22/2014 – 22- Ukrainian President Yanukovych is ousted

3/8/2014 – (3+8=11)Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 goes missing

5/22/2014 Thai armed forces stage a coup

6/11/2014- (66) IS forces seize Mosul

4/11/2015-(4×11= 44) Pres. Obama(44th Pres) meets Castro – First time a US pres did so since revolution.

4/22/2016- Paris Agreement on Climate change signed by 195

4/4/2017- (44) Fake Sarin attack in Syria

3/11/2018 China removes time limit for a leader to rule -Xi Jinping can rule for life

3/22/2018 Trump imposes trade tarrifs on $60billion Chinese goods

4/7/2018 – (4+7=11)Another fake gas attack in Syria

6/12/2018(6+6=6 in 18th year- 666) Trump and Kim Jong Un meet in Singapore

11/11/2018 strange perfectly uniform Low frequency tremors

1/22/2019 – Sort of coup in Venezuela where opposition leader proclaims himself President instead of the elected President Maduro. USA and Australia and Germany France etc support and acknowledge new fellow as true President.