Strange things are said to be normal events these days. Through the use of weather modification the Jetstream is being shifted up or down at will, clouds are formed, sea temperature raised, ionosphere heated or cooled, tornadoes created, hurricanes formed and steered, droughts and floods etc etc. What I justContinue Reading

At 16:28 local time Feb 1, 2019, a 4.4 quake was recorded near Carnarvon Western Australia at a depth of 10km. Upon looking at the recent quakes map at I discovered that all the quakes on the map except the one at Lake Muir were at a depth ofContinue Reading

Weather warfare is being waged against Australians. Remember the ENMOD convention banned all hostile and military use of environmental modification techniques. Such techniques cause drought, floods, cyclones, tornadoes, tsunamis, and even earthquakes! The facts are that these weapons are a reality….this is what they can do… It is the understandingContinue Reading

Rare winter type storm formed on 22nd January right over where I live in the middle of summer…strange!

As noted the Media have been pre empting something prepared to occur on 3/22 this year-March 22. Some kind of event that is crucial to the advancement of the Plan of the Rulers of this age. The reference to 322 can also be saying that January 22 is a falseContinue Reading

Whenever a disaster happens in Indonesia one man takes responsibility for telling the world media what is happening and what numbers to report. That man is also dying from stage 4 lung cancer. Sutopo Purwo Nugroho works is a spokesperson for Indonesia’s disaster mitigation agency. All may not be asContinue Reading

“At least 373 people have died, while 128 people are currently missing,” said Sutopo Purwo Nugroho, a spokeperson for Indonesia’s disaster mitigation agency. Once again they stop the death toll number like a spinning wheel on their favourite numerology numbers. They just cannot help themselves. “At least 373 dead“….whyContinue Reading

As is common when the mass media report on events that are earmarked by their handlers as major events they report certain numbers even before the final figure is reached or the event has completely finished. The ABC and all news agencies are  carrying the figure 222 killed. That isContinue Reading

News outlets reported unusual tremors that spread around the globe on November 11th 2018. One Scientist concluded about the wave forms  that  “They’re too nice. They’re too perfect to be nature,” joked the University of Glasgow’s Helen Robinson, who is studying for a PhD in applied volcanology. The articleContinue Reading

Following on from my post regarding climate control on August 13th I take note of the following report of 144 major earthquakes and volcanic eruptions recently. “Climate control is on all the time” was the message I heard in my spirit back on the 13th August. Michael Snyder — EndContinue Reading