Brisbane airport was in lock-down tonight at 9pm by the AFP. As today is a favourite signature number, I am watching to see how this story pans out. No doubt it will be some terror group created by the CIA in order to keep the war on terror going. AContinue Reading

On January 22nd we saw the American coup against Pres. Maduro in Venezuela begin. This regime change by the American administration only proves that Trump is no different than his predecessors. All–both Republican and Democrats are on the same team. Both sides of the political spectrum are devoted to oneContinue Reading

Weather warfare is being waged against Australians. Remember the ENMOD convention banned all hostile and military use of environmental modification techniques. Such techniques cause drought, floods, cyclones, tornadoes, tsunamis, and even earthquakes! The facts are that these weapons are a reality….this is what they can do… It is the understandingContinue Reading

By Graham Strachan BANKING AND MONEY · STEP 1: National Governments will relinquish control of their money, float their currency, and remove all controls over the flow of money in and out of the country. · STEP 2: National Governments will continue the practice of borrowing from the international bankersContinue Reading

Rare winter type storm formed on 22nd January right over where I live in the middle of summer…strange!

The phrase custom made terrorist is out of the mouth of Iron Man in Iron Man 3. May I submit to you that Abu Kakar Bashir fits this description, just as Osama bin Laden did. Fake news reporting on fake terrorists. The Bali Bombers are just as fake as theirContinue Reading

Today – the 22nd January would have seen the early release of Abu Bakar Bashir from prison- But after Australia complained his case will be reviewed. Brisbane Times

When the original script for the movie “The Patriot” written by Robert Rodat was first submitted it did NOT contain the line which Mel Gibson(at least his voice)says as he weighs a wicker rocking chair. During the opening scenes as the credits are still rolling Gibson is in his workContinue Reading

Abu Bashir was imprisoned with all the right numbers to indicate that he is part of the Cabal that Rules this world. The dates give their hand away as usual. 22 11 33 16th June is 16+6=22 and in 2011  so the full date was 16/06/11 or 22/11 or 33Continue Reading

The official mouthpiece of all knowledge and truth–The ABC – has announced to all of us plebs that some old guy in white robes is the spiritual leader behind Jemaah Islamiah (JI) and that JI were responsible for the Bali Bombing and the bombing of the Marriott Hotel bombing inContinue Reading

As noted the Media have been pre empting something prepared to occur on 3/22 this year-March 22. Some kind of event that is crucial to the advancement of the Plan of the Rulers of this age. The reference to 322 can also be saying that January 22 is a falseContinue Reading