Beginning of the end again

General Gustave Perna was the first one to use D-Day as a reference in the fight against Covid 19 and now that New South Wales has arrived at October 11th 2021 they are also using it.

From an AP article below we read Perna saying “D-Day was the beginning of the end and that’s where we are today


11 OCTOBER 2021 – ABC uses the same quote

‘It is hopefully the beginning of the end of the pandemic in Australia’


When General Perna was put in charge of the Warp Speed Op to roll out the new FDA emergency approved shots it was 12th December 2020.

Time magazine quoted him as using the above D-Day beginning of the end quote. Fast forward to today the 11th 0ct 2021

303 days later or 9 months and 29 days

Seen as a 33 and 9 -11.

Perna was chosen for the job BECAUSE OF HIS 39 YEARS AS A LOGISTICS OFFICER

39 = 3 X 13 –The satanic number for rebellion against God.

Then to top it off – or simply to boastfully show off Time says that there had been 3,309 reported deaths

That number contains a 33 and a 39 –Freemasons and Kabbalah adepts just cannot help themselves!!

BACK TO THE PRESENT….The Sydney Morning Herald editor or whoever is in charge behind the scenes demanded there be a 39 on the 11th October signature date.

They include 39 images telling us twice there are 39 images….not 40…not 35…but of course it must be 39.

As I wrote in “Watch dates in October” today’s date for the Freedom Day is a chosen beforehand by them to signify their control over the whole scam.

11/10/2021 is the obvious 11 signature…..and  also when the date is added 11+10+2+0+2+1= 26 or 2 x 13

Back to 2020 again…

Time magazine in the same article speaking of Gen.Perna back in 2020 shows two more dates

Dec 8 which is seen as an 11<> 1+2+8 –This was the date that the FDA announced that Pfizer was 95% effective in preventing covid disease –which is a blatant lie.

And December 11 when they officially issued emergency authorisation to this concoction. That date of course is an 11 [the Beast/Antichrist number]


The SMH headlines October 25 coupled with 74 per cent and the date Oct 11

25/10/2021 >> 25+1 = 26 or 2 x 13

The whole date also adds up to 13.


74% is seen by them as  7+4 =11

And the date on same page – 11/10/2021 which as I showed above is an 11 and also 26 or 2x 13

This is what they continually do which shows that they are first of all Satanists, secondly that they worship numbers which are created things, so they are idolaters. 

It also guarantees that this freedom is really the BEGINNING OF THE END

Real figures show that in every nation Covid cases and deaths rose sharply after vaccination.

go to source site for this data –





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