Rothschild patent for covid testing in 2015

Jim Stone has busted the Rothschild controllers for applying for patents in 2015 to do with Covid and smartphone detection systems that would enable the phone use to be classified as a virus carrier and appropriate medical response enacted and taken against them.

The thing I notice is the date they applied for this patent.


Of course it was a 13 right?

Not only was the day a 13 but the whole date is a 13



13+10+20+15 = 58 (or another 13)

The year of application is significant as well because to the occultist 15 represents 555

555 means mega death .

So in a mega death year 2015 -on a 13 signature date …

The Rothschild apply for a patent to be able to take people away for medical reasons if they may have a virus.

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