Melbourne Earthquake

Someone sent me a Christian’s hopeful view of the earthquake that occurred in Victoria Australia on the 22nd September believing it to be a sign of God’s control.

Such a day….Wednesday 22nd September. 9.15 am was shaken fully awake by violent earthtremor to run outside! asking the Lord what was happening & the significance of this date 22nd September. . “TABERNACLES ” “Feast of Tabernacles”, is what I heard.
When I put on news I saw damaged building in Chapel Street, South Yarra MELBOURNE! Victoria.!
With Roof/Top of wall ripped open (like with a large can opener) Exposing the huge side of this corner site, building (now you could see inside), which looked like an old heritage hotel building but “Betty’s Burgers” was operating there. With Awnings hanging down it appeared like a “BOOTH” *see Tabernacle Booth in Bible
Thank God that due to Lockdown no one was hurt as many, many bricks, mortar & debris crashed on to pavement/road way below, causing quite a large dark cloud of dust!! Usually very busy apparently! Notice it stopped The Tram!
This is my emailed response for what it is worth. I am not your usual believer and am not ashamed of that.

22 is 2×11 or double beast.
It is also the architect number in masonry.
That tells me it was a false flag event.
Not a natural quake but an induced one.
They have been doing false flags on key numerical dates for a long time.
Think of JFK for instance?

Or the twin towers

Add 22 and 11 and you get their 33rd degree
Add 9 and 1and1
You get an 11.
Think Westminster bridge?
London subway attack?

Fukushima attack?

An earthquake
Mini nukes set off inside the diachi nuke plants.all because Japan voted against the Izwailis at the UN.
2011= 2×11=22

Jim Stone has this


“An Australian states he ran outside during the “earthquake” and the ground was not shaking, only the houses were. He adds that his horses which usually run when there is any type of earthquake did not react to this one at all. He insists it all came from the sky. And if this is true, there would be no seismogram for it, which is something I mentioned yesterday – no seismo, only pictures of them from other quakes. You cannot have one if there was no quake and you instead used a weapon and claimed it was a quake.”

So i dont agree with the Christian at all.

God has given me eyes to see and that “quake” was a deliberately planned diversion at the same time as people were protesting.

God is NOT in control either. He gave all authority to man.
Everything Jesus said would happen in Matt 24 :7 and Luke 21:25-27 can be caused by man even a faked 2nd coming.

The elite always do things on certain numbers.
They believe they get power if they do.
The 11th, 13th and multiples of those two numbers .

So the NEXT likely date for another one of their key events is the 26th September as 26 is 2×13.

To them 13 is rebellion against the Lord. So 26 and 39 are powerful to them.
They always try to include in their event 11 and 13 together.
You see daily in their media reporting of new cases or dead and injured etc.

Think Bali bombing?

2002 is a 22
12 +10+2+2=26

Not a coincidence. Planned!

Then they tell us that there were 202 killed
202=22 forget the zero ..that’s how they see it.
And 209 injured!
Another 2+9=11!
88 were Australian
38 Indonesian
22 different nations represented in the injured….oh of course!!

This is what Kabbalah and Freemasons do sister. They are in charge not God.
Their god is called the “great architect”…lucifer of course.

The reason why they are rushing to get everyone jabbed is because next year is 2022.
They started this whole shabang 31st December 20+19.
That is a backwards 13…in a year that adds up to 39. Triple rebellion

2022 and 2026 are big years for them. They will no doubt succeed in their plan until all us fulfilled in God’s prophetic scriptures. Then the end will come.

I have followed this closely and not learned it from anyone.

I would say that next year will see just what the different jabs were designed to do. My guess is that the kill shots were mostly for the USA and EU and UK…but the rest of the world are mostly just getting placebos and flu shots.

I wont be surprised to see Chinese ships and thousands of troops here with no usa in sight to save us. All pre-planned by the elite of course.

In a vision i had in 1995 i was lifted up above oz. I saw a line from Carnarvon in west to Cape Byron in east.
Then i was standing on the ground out in central Australia nor far from Uluru. I was facing this line which was a high fence stretching across Australia.
I was on the south side of it.i knew in my vision that the nation was populated behind me to the south. But the north side of that fence was a no go zone. Like it was forbidden.
There’s a lot more to do with that vision that i wont share here since the 5 eyes scan everything.
Bless you.
Hope that hasn’t spooked you?
The Wicked prosper only so as to fulfill God’s overall purposes.
In the end that clever angel shall bow before Jesus.

And to add to this

I think that they will fake a rapture event and even a second coming. They will install a fake masonic rothschild messiah in a masonic temple in jlem and punish those nations that dont go up to jlem to worship their fake messiah.
They can already cause droughts with weather weapons including earthquakes and tornadoes cyclones and fire from heaven…all with tesla technology like what is at nor west cape exmouth and pine gap and elsewhere.
I expect next year amidst the carnage from the jabs that they will turn their weather weapons up stronger to cause luke 21:35 to be fulfilled.
Seas and waves roaring.
All with the goal of the great reset agenda.
Electric cars, trucks etc
Interfacing humans with computer and internet via nanobots in the shots.
Leading to worship of the beast. Social credit system will be tied to your global warming threat…how much carbon you use. The weather events and induced weather events will happen as usual on their numbers…and will be ratcheted up in their media and the Government will enforce the new rules upon us.

To read about past events that they did by the numbers GO HERE

And specifically about the pandemic – HERE

Ability of weather weapons – HERE

Screenshot of the committee overseeing the United Nations Convention banning the military or any other hostile use of environmental modification techniques.

They tell it like it is!

Don’t blame God for the weather events that evil men are doing.

This Convention was signed by over 200 nations in December 1976.


Read Psalm 2

As soon as this post was published the Government censors act. They froze my pc.

They suppress the truth in unrighteousness as Romans 1 says of them.

18For the wrath of God is revealed from heaven against all ungodliness and unrighteousness of men, who suppress the truth in unrighteousness,

Below is a good depiction of Lucifer the Grand Architect who masons worship most without knowing it till they get to the 32 and 33 degree.

The number 22 Architect number.

Neo wears black – Architect wears white

World leaders war black – Pope wears white

Masonic floor – Black and White

Real God painted as the evil villain – Lucifer as the good benevolent light filled one.

This country is firmly in the hands of Freemasons as almost all nations certainly all western ones.

Heads of Government and Law enforcement and military and religions – all masons.

Canberra Parliament house a masonic symbolic structure.

Israeli Knesset the same

White house the same etc etc.

They have an age old plan and they intend to carry it out – and that is what we are witnessing.

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