The game of deception continues

The Rupert Murdoch owned has as world headlines today Sat 9th Jan 2021 a picture of Trump the villain with the words
“After briefly being allowed back on Twitter, Trump’s final two tweets went too far, with fears it could spurr a “proposed secondary attack”. “
They create the Truth of every controlled event. This part of the Script sees – “Trump the outsider now morphing further into Trump the rogue bull ready to nuke his own country! He is such a sore loser he might just do it!!
This of course is the perfect cover for nuking the nation and blaming Trump and all his crowd for doing it. And the masses already believe it so will certainly be in on any call to turn in a Republican voter. Perfect for a genocide in the style of Lenin.
And by not coincidence the “news” site has under this main picture a smaller version next to a story containing RED PILLS.

No coincidence here. Take the Blue pill and wake up or take the red pill and stay asleep like I wrote about 60 minutes ago in my previous post!
Then Google news headlines carries this story today under World News…

I reported already how General Flynn is another controlled asset–another Deep State operative playing his part. His part , like Trump’s is to be MAGA patriot. And they say that they want to PURGE QAnon followers. A purge in real terms means to eradicate completely. All these actors at the top of the Trump Team shall appear to have been dealt with by Pelosi and Biden etc etc….jailed, even put to death….but rest assured they will be safe somewhere…while the real enemies they will NOT FAKE jail and kill ARE “WE THE PEOPLE.” And as they round you up for the Gulags, you will still be thinking you are doing it for The Donald….when all along the Donald WAS NOT FOR YOU AT ALL—-YOU HAVE BEEN SCAMMED!
And don’t think for a minute I am blaming the group called Democrats….I AM NOT. There is a higher power behind all this than Republican and Democrats. There is a higher power behind all this than the CCP in China.

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