Following China’s success or not -A word about 2021

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  A storyline that began a year ago in Wuhan and is still continuing is this as reported by Associated Press  – “China’s state power crushes COVID-19”


The Communist Party has held up its relative success in controlling the pandemic as validation for its one-party rule.

And in a sense, the crisis illustrates the strength of the system, and its dark side.

The virus has been kept at bay — but only because of the government’s power to dictate monumental changes, and its willingness to use surveillance and censorship to control its people.

I read this article when it first appeared 2 weeks ago and smirked at it’s slightly veiled but purpose driven intent. AP have left this article up on their Front page for two weeks. Since Associated Press(AP) are the main source of any news for all the other news media outlets I take notice of what they “print” because you can usually see the forward agenda the World leaders are taking us to.

The quote above contains the agenda of the Elite for 2021 and beyond.

Donald Trump will be the last American President in a two party system.

I am not saying this is “thus says the LORD” simply reading their intentions. Here is 2021’s agenda which a Biden /Harris team will move toward following the Chinese Communist Party’s “success”.

  • validation for its one-party rule.
  • strength of the system, and its dark side.
  • government’s power to dictate monumental changes.
  • willingness to use surveillance.
  • censorship to control its people.

Allow me to spell this out as they would say it…This is their Plan for 2021.

There cannot be a threat to our health and economy by idiots like Donald Trump and his team….but not just his team, also all those who voted for him. The Right wing conservatives who supported Trump are a clear and present danger to a smooth running globalist nation wanting to be a part of a new world order. Therefore ANY political party that is not onboard with this goal shall be shut down permanently and it’s members silenced. ONE PARTY RULE is proven to be the safest way to deal with issues of national importance as seen by China’s response.

Yes–The strength of the SYSTEM of ONE PARTY RULE is that there is no one to question what the State does. People need to be controlled NOT given choices whether they obey or not. Obedience to the STATE MANDATES is not optional in a one party system….phone your Congressman or woman, write to your senator, appeal to your Governor, All that is over–One Party DICTATES..they don’t ask for your opinion. Just Do it….or else.

Two parties stymie the direction of the Nation. If we want to build a huge dam which would mean flooding a large valley where millions have lived for generation….we WILL DO IT. There will be no avenue for any opposing comments. We shall bring necessary monumental changes to our people and nation as we see fit. We care for you–Trust us. Get on board with us and stop trying to be in opposition to us. We are God’s will for you. He is a Dictator like us –Don’t you agree? It doe not matter if you agree or not of course….Just conform.

And to make sure you conform we the Government for the people are implementing all that China has in the area of surveillance. We care for the people of this great nation. Any threat to this nation must be carefully watched. Thus we shall make sure EVERYONE is toeing the line. Facial recognition technology and social credit scores linked with where you go online and what you say on social media shall be and is being closely monitored. What you say in secret shall be shouted from the rooftops and we shall hear about it and act against you accordingly.

If by chance there are still those defiant citizens who refuse to submit under our self proclaimed TOTAL authority we shall make sure their voice is NOT HEARD. Therefore our control of speech on all platforms shall nullify and drown out all that these rebels say. They are a threat to the greater whole and must be singled out and destroyed. There can be NO FREEDOM OF SPEECH but only conformity to the ONE PARTY SYSTEM….for the greater good of our great nation.

You will obey us.

I realise that as a Christian I am supposed to speak prophetic encouragement to the body of Christ. I am one who is in Christ Jesus. Whether what I wrote above is ‘thus says the Lord’ or not does not matter to them. Millions of Chinese believers have prayed and prayed and prayed for 70 years and still the outer form of Totalitarian control has not changed. Many C.C.P members have become believers in Jesus along the way…but most have not. God is only saving first fruits in this age. The majority of people will not believe in our Jesus…yet.

Evil must have it’s hour of power to show itself that it is a complete and utter failure. And “all the world followed the Beast”. Thus “all the world” shall also come to see that without faith in Jesus Christ they are also failures and bankrupt, empty and foolish. The fool says in his or her heart, “There is NO GOD”. They shall be made to eat those words.

The one who has faith in Jesus Christ are the ones who HAVE THE VICTORY OVER THE BEAST. It will not look like they have any victory to those who are supporting the Beast and his mark and his name. Just as Stephen before the Sanhedrin looked like an angel as he beheld Jesus standing in the heavens–so shall we appear to be like Jesus. They still killed Stephen and they still killed Jesus EVEN THOUGH they recognised both were of GOD. Those who invest everything into supporting the Beast shall find it extremely difficult to switch sides. Switching sides will mean being ostracised and vilified and persecution and death.

“Posing as Tom, Lincoln returns to the compound to destroy the holographic projectors that conceal the outside world.”

I know what I have chosen for He has chosen me. His Spirit in us shall sustain us and give us strength in any and every situation. We are those who have been apprehended by God–We are not our own any more…we are His chosen vessels shining brightly in a dark world.