Calls to mandate Coronavirus vaccine for Australian workers

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Australian business leaders are beginning to call for the Government to mandate vaccines for the Corona Virus. Channel 9 reports

Ahead of the promised rollout of the COVID-19 vaccine, there are calls to make the jab mandatory for workers.
Peter Strong, (above)CEO of Council of Small Business Organisations Australia, said business owners were worried.
“If someone declines the vaccine, what are my rights as an employer, where do I stand?” he said.
The federal government has promised a free vaccine for all Australians, but it will remain voluntary.
Chief Medical Officer Professor Paul Kelly(above) said there would be “very strong” campaigns.
I’m open to all options to ensure we get the strongest possible take-up,” Prime Minister Scott Morrison said.
The rollout is likely to start in March, but the vaccine is unlikely to be widely available until the end of next year.

“But meanwhile, small business advocates are calling for a law to stand down workers without pay if they refuse to get the jab.”

There are fears other employees won’t show up if a co-worker isn’t vaccinated, or that businesses with unvaccinated employees might cop the blame for further coronavirus cases.
“We don’t want to get sued by someone over something over which we have no control,” Mr Strong said.
A spokesperson for Industrial Relations Minister Christian Porter said there would be a number of issues that needed to be considered ahead of the vaccine rollout, and that some of those issues would be unique to particular workplaces.

My Comments

The goal has always been to ‘vaccinate’ everyone since before this pandemic started. Governing bodies are all on board with the World Economic Forum and Klaus Schwab’s plan to bring in a Global Reset.

The Pfizer vaccine contains mNeonGreen, a Nano lantern which will fuse with your cells and act as a scannable and  trackable MARKER. This mark will enable you to enter premises and buy and sell commodities. Without this neon green mark in your cells you will not be able to be a part of the New World Order economy. Understand that the vaccines HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH ANY VIRAL PROTECTION!!

Dr Paul Kelly

On Monday 21st December Dr. Paul Kelly was promoted to Chief Medical Officer of Australia after the previous Chief Brendan Murphy was promoted to Secretary of the Health Department.
Prime Minister Morrison said of Kelly

The PM said Kelly…“has become a familiar and reassuring presence on our TV screens. His in-depth knowledge of this virus and its transmission has been invaluable.”
Let me quote what the Chinese Communist Party Vaccine Law says about the Media’s role with vaccines.

The news media should carry out public welfare propaganda[宣传]on vaccine safety laws, regulations and vaccination knowledge, and conduct public opinion supervision on vaccine violations. Publicity reports on vaccines should be comprehensive, scientific, objective and fair.” Source

Dr Paul Kelly is a convenient change agent – a propaganda minister for the Globalist agenda to mark your cells with a readable nano lantern

The Australian Government is not acting on behalf of the people, but continues to serve Big business and Globalist agendas which is what this pandemic is all about from start to finish.

“Order out of chaos” or “ORDO AB CHAO” is the motto of the 33rd degree freemason. Create chaos(a pandemic)so as to bring in your already prepared solution(order) – the Vaccine neon green lucifer-ase marker. It is not a surprise that Kelly was promoted to CMO on the 21st December 2020 because that is the solstice an important date for the global occultists.

The date itself is an occult signature: 12/21/2020 gives 12+21=33 and the year is a 22 year so >> 33/22 Which gives the highest degree in masonry and 22 being the “great architect” number. Their plan just seems to keep rolling along with nothing stopping them.


December 21st is also the Solstice which is a significant occult event– to well…occultists!

From a shamanic site we read…
The Winter Solstice is the darkest day of the year, so our ancestors have been celebrating this sacred time for millennia. Since the Summer Solstice, the sun has sunk lower in the sky and the days have grown shorter and colder. On December 21st, the sun reaches its lowest point and after three days, begins climbing again as the days grow longer, and the promise of warm spring steers us through the cold.
It is no coincidence. Hasn’t Joe Biden been saying a dark time is coming? If Americans receive this mRNA shot(it is not actually a true vaccine) IT WILL INDEED BE THE DARKEST DAY OF THE YEAR!!
That day will be  marked as the darkest day of the year because those receiving the mark oops, I mean shot will be changed from their original condition into something else.
From my post

See my post here
This pandemic is the result of a long thought out plan. It is the necessary chaos created to bring forth their idea of order. As Albert G.Mackey says in Chapter 22 of his work “The Symbolism of Freemasonry” M.D

So, too, out of the mysterious darkness of Masonry comes the full blaze of masonic light. One must precede the other, as the evening preceded the morning. “So the evening and the morning were the first day.”
This thought is preserved in the great motto of the Order, “Lux e tenebris“—Light out of darkness. It is equivalent to this other sentence: Truth out of initiation. Lux, or light, is truth; tenebrae, or darkness, is initiation.

If you remember Joe Biden was saying we are headed for a dark winter.
Yes so that out of that darkness can come forth their light.
What light is that? Part of that light is to have your cells tagged flagged and marked with a nano lantern called mNeonGreen.

After that mark is received further genetic modification will be possible so as to connect you to the World wide web and to the Hive mind. Transhumanism is their agenda…morphing us into the supposed super race Nazis have longed for. But of course may will be sickened and die from the severe allergic reactions to the reagent Polyethelene glycol (PEG) which is in these vaccines .
But if thousands die or even millions die from the vaccine which is a possibility –these psychopaths do not care. They see that as necessary culling of the population.
Peter Strong who features in this Nine9News article above appears to be a supporter of Globalist agendas. A 2015 piece from the National Press Club has this bio of him

In the past Peter has operated as a consultant to government agencies, the World Bank and the United Nations mainly on issues to do with economic reform, business development, training, change management and industry restructuring. This included work in the old Soviet Union as the mass retrenchment expert in the Central Asian states; a microeconomic reform expert in Turkey assisting that country prepare for entry to the European union; work in China assisting the government set up support networks for women in small business; and in Vietnam working on business incubators.

However Mr Strong wrote in his blog on freedom of the Press saying

My experience tells me that we need several things in place if we are to have a true democracy. Freedom of the press, a free education, a universal, transparent and trusted voting system, and the separation of powers are the key pillars of a democracy.

We need freedom of the press so that the people can have access to information on what is happening, so they can access information from many sources and have faith in that information or at least be able to judge the veracity of that information.

I hope the honourable business man will research these vaccines and what I have presented on this site enough to see that they should not be mandated.