Pfizer mNanoGreen makes you trackable in real time

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Following on from my previous post on mNeonGreen as a mark of the best candidate I look at the way it will be scanned and linked to the recipient’s admittance into the Global economic reset.

A science daily article

A smartphone with ultimate macro feature: DNA-scanning fluorescent microscope

Date: April 29, 2015

If you thought scanning one of those strange, square QR codes with your phone was somewhat advanced, hold on to your seat. Researchers at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) have recently developed a device that can turn any smartphone into a DNA-scanning fluorescent microscope.

“A single DNA molecule, once stretched, is about two nanometers in width,” said Aydogan Ozcan, HHMI Chancellor Professor, UCLA. “For perspective, that makes DNA about 50,000 times thinner than a human hair. Currently, imaging single DNA molecules requires bulky, expensive optical microscopy tools, which are mostly confined to advanced laboratory settings. In comparison, the components for my device are significantly less expensive.”
Enter Ozcan’s smartphone attachment — an external lens, thin-film interference filter, miniature dovetail stage mount for making fine alignments, and a laser diode, all enclosed in a small, 3D-printed case and integrated to act just like a fluorescence microscope.

Although other smart-phone-turned-microscopes can image larger scale objects such as cells, Ozcan’s group’s latest mobile-phone optical attachment is the first to image and size the slim strand of a single DNA molecule.
The device is intended for use in remote laboratory settings to diagnose various types of cancers and nervous system disorders, such as Alzheimer’s, as well as detect drug resistance in infectious diseases. To use the camera it is necessary to first isolate and label the desired DNA with fluorescent tags. Ozcan says such laboratory procedures are possible even in remote locations and resource-limited settings.
To scan the DNA, the group developed a computational interface and Windows smart application running on the same smart phone. The scanned information is then sent to a remote server in Ozcan’s laboratory, which measures the length of the DNA molecules. Assuming you have a reliable data connection, the entire data processing takes less than 10 seconds.
In their lab, Ozcan’s group tested the device’s accuracy by imaging fluorescently labeled and stretched DNA segments. It reliably sized DNA segments of 10,000 base pairs or longer. (A base pair is the basic structural unit of DNA.) Many important genes fall in this size range, including a bacterial gene notorious for giving Staphylococcus aureus and other bacteria antibiotic resistance that is about 14,000 base pairs long.

Pfizer vaccine contains fluorescent bioluminescent mNeonGreen which is the brightest luciferase fused protein available. It is known as a nono lantern.

Those receiving this “vaccine” will have the cells throughout their body MARKED AND FLAGGED with a detectable luminescent luciferase green fluorescent colour.

This will be detected by scanning devices so as to admit you to the New World Economy

Another more recent paper from 2020

A smartphone-based biomedical sensory system


Disease diagnostics, food safety monitoring and environmental quality monitoring are the key means to safeguard human health. However, conventional detection devices for health care are costly, bulky and complex, restricting their applications in resource-limited areas of the world. With the rapid development of biosensors and the popularization of smartphones, smartphone-based sensing systems have emerged as novel detection devices that combine the sensitivity of biosensors and diverse functions of smartphones to provide a rapid, low-cost and convenient detection method. In these systems, a smartphone is used as a microscope to observe and count cells, as a camera to record fluorescence images, as an analytical platform to analyze experimental data, and as an effective tool to connect detection devices and online doctors. These systems are widely used for cell analysis, biochemical analysis, immunoassays, and molecular diagnosis, which are applied in the fields of disease diagnostics, food safety monitoring and environmental quality monitoring. Therefore, we discuss four types of smartphone-based sensing systems in this review paper, specifically in terms of the structure, performance and efficiency of these systems. Finally, we give some suggestions for improvement and future prospective trends.


Aydogan Ozcan’s lab at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) has always been on the leading edge of microscope technology (see related links directly below). Now, Ozcan and his colleagues have created two of their newest examples: a lightweight, compact device that converts an ordinary smartphone into an advanced fluorescence microscope that detects and measures individual DNA molecules; and a small lens-free device that uses holography to detect cancer cells, doing the work of large pathology lab microscopes.
The brains of the system are Ozcan’s algorithms, which turn the phone’s humdrum camera into a powerful optical instrument that sees what the eye can’t, then tells us how worried to be. His devices—because they piggyback on GPS-enabled smartphones—no sooner test a sample than they can send time- and location-stamped results to your doctor, an environmental agency or, say, Google Maps. Supply the technology to enough of the world’s three billion mobile subscribers, and you’ve got battalions of citizen scientists beaming up health and environmental data from across the globe in real time.

You will become trackable in real time whether you have your phone in your pocket or not. Your cells will emit a signal which can be tracked in real time.

The data won’t just be useful to individual patients. Ozcan has also developed a Google Maps interface to plot test results, which could be used to track the geographic spread of infectious diseases.“It will give us rich data that will allow us to understand things that we never have before,” he says.

This is why the Elite want EVERYONE TO GET ON BOARD WITH THE VACCINE. This is the mark of the Beast, and the false prophet is lying to you so you will take this mark…so you will become enslaved to the Beast.
If you do not take the Mark/Pfizer mNeonGreen nono lantern..then you will not be able to buy or sell.

God has said all along “COME OUT OF BABYLON MY PEOPLE!! lest you share in her sins and receive of her plagues!!”