Sydney cluster beginning of second lockdown

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Same signature for Sydney cluster is prominent as with the whole COVID-19 timeline. The San Francisco Chronicle reports that Dec 11, 13, and 14 are dates when people visited certain venues in New South Wales. These dates are classic occult signature dates which the planners keep using to broadcast their involvement to those in the know.

Occult Signature dates – hidden message

Dec 11 2020 seen as 11/22

Dec 13 2020 seen as 13/22

Dec 14 2020 seen as 26/22 or 13/22

They say that “Australia’s largest city had gone 12 consecutive days without a community transmission until Wednesday” So on the 13th day we get a positive case! Of course we do.


ABC post (below) from  19th December 2020

They make 13 the headline act! Understand what is going on.

The date 12/19/2020 is seen by insiders as 22/22.

1+2 +19=22 and the year: 22

It is also seen 13/22 > 1+2+1+9=13

It is also 31/22 which is seen as 13/22 again–12+19=31(which is 13 backwards)


¬†They use 13 in the headline for only one reason–to show their ownership of this plan.

Nowhere in the story does 13 appear again–only in the headline.

But the Lockdown will be in place until Wednesday -12/23/2020 seen as 39 <> 12+23+2+2


See a timeline showing the constant use of these numbers