Pfizer shot contains mNeonGreen a nano marker

Dr Wolfgang Wodarg a Lung specialist and Dr Michael Yeadon the former vice president and scientific director for Pfizer sent a  PETITION/MOTION (to the European Medicines Agency) FOR ADMINISTRATIVE/REGULATORY ACTION REGARDING CONFIRMATION OF EFFICACY END POINTS AND USE OF DATA IN CONNECTION WITH THE FOLLOWING CLINICAL TRIAL(S):
One of the many safety claims they bring before the EMA is that:

Pfizer/BioNTech is also inserting an ingredient derived from a marine invertebrate, mNeonGreen, into its vaccine.
The ingredient has bioluminescent qualities, making it attractive for medical imaging purposes,
but it is unclear why an injected vaccine would need to have that quality. mNeonGreen has unknown antigenicity.

Why would Pfizer/BioNtech put a bioluminescent ingredient in a vaccine??

Below is an old(now) patent application which states that the luminescence is capable of binding to the living organism. What level of the organism are they talking about? The DNA level!! Why would they mark your DNA (Revelation 13:16) with green luminescence? That is what Wodarg and Yeadon asked as well?
Nanotechnology for interacting, sensing or actuating, e.g. quantum dots as markers in protein assays or molecular motors.

Could it be that that this will enable your cells to be actuated and to interact and sense something? Something that “they” have prepared already in the future? Are we being experimented on? Definitely


Another patent from Chinese inventors titled –

A kind of carrier and its application for carrying out live body positioning to mammalian cell gene group based on CRISPRCas9 systems

The invention discloses carrier and its application for carrying out live body positioning to mammalian cell gene group based on CRISPRCas9 systems. The guide RNA of its mutant dCas9 albumen for including Cas9 albumen and specific gene in connection, there is SunTag systems on the mutant dCas9 albumen of Cas9 albumen, contain GCN4 Epitopic determinants in SunTag systems, high brightness green fluorescin mNeonGreenis connected on GCN4 antibody, GCN4 antibody is combined with GCN4 Epitopic determinants. The carrier for carrying out live body positioning to mammalian cell gene group based on CRISPRCas9 systems of the present invention, its fluorescence intensity is stronger, the expression in each period of specific gene can be observed under the conditions of living cells, the dynamic change trend of specific gene can be obtained between whole phase and division stage, and cell will not be killed

Then this on mNeonGreen proving that Pfizer’s “vaccine” is a tool for biological studies on those who take it.

Optimization of mNeonGreen for Homo sapiens increases its fluorescent intensity in mammalian cells


Green fluorescent protein (GFP) is tremendously useful for investigating many cellular and intracellular events. The monomeric GFP mNeonGreen is about 3- to 5-times brighter than GFP and monomeric enhanced GFP and shows high photostability. The maturation half-time of mNeonGreen is about 3-fold faster than that of monomeric enhanced GFP. However, the cDNA sequence encoding mNeonGreen contains some codons that are rarely used in Homo sapiens. For better expression of mNeonGreen in human cells, we synthesized a human-optimized cDNA encoding mNeonGreen and generated an expression plasmid for humanized mNeonGreen under the control of the cytomegalovirus promoter. The resultant plasmid was introduced into HEK293 cells. The fluorescent intensity of humanized mNeonGreen was about 1.4-fold higher than that of the original mNeonGreen. The humanized mNeonGreen with a mitochondria-targeting signal showed mitochondrial distribution of mNeonGreen. We further generated an expression vector of humanized mNeonGreen with 3xFLAG tags at its carboxyl terminus as these tags are useful for immunological analyses. The 3xFLAG-tagged mNeonGreen was recognized well with an anti-FLAG-M2 antibody. These plasmids for the expression of humanized mNeonGreen and mNeonGreen-3xFLAG are useful tools for biological studies in mammalian cells using mNeonGreen.


Your  bodies cells will contain luminescent green in their mitochondria able to be detected live by certain instruments. In other words you will have green flags flying. Notice under the picture it says they transfected the pmNeonGreen into cells. Pfizer have put (PEG) Polyethelene glycol into their shot to cause this transfection through the cell membrane into the mitochondria. Wodarg and Yeadon say that up to 70% of people are allergic to PEG which could cause anaphylaxis and or death.
Even if PEG does not cause this reaction, it is still there to cause transfection of this mNeonGreen and the synthetic spike protein genetic code into your cells.
One big experiment is taking place. I suspect that the authors already know full well the outcome of their experiment.

Or how about this one from 1996

TGN38-green fluorescent protein hybrid proteins expressed in stably transfected eukaryotic cells provide a tool for the real-time, in vivo study of membrane traffic pathways and suggest a possible role for ratTGN38

Way back then they understood ways to use this luminescent protein.


The green fluorescent protein (GFP) of Aquorea victoria is fluorescent when expressed as a recombinant protein in eukaryotic cells and has been used as a convenient marker of gene expression in vivo. It has also been used as a marker of the intracellular targeting of recombinant fusion proteins (part GFP, part protein of interest) which have been transiently expressed in eukaryotic cells grown in tissue culture. Thus, the use of GFP has proved a useful tool to study intracellular events in real-time.

So mNeonGreen is in Pfizer/BioNtech’s vaccine to serve the elite as a useful tool to study intracellular events in real time. You are a guinea pig. I suppose it comes down to do you trust your life with these people or not?
When you have the Chinese Government clearly stating in their Vaccine Law passed last year that
The news media should carry out public welfare propaganda on vaccine safety laws, regulations and vaccination knowledge, and conduct public opinion supervision on vaccine violations. Publicity reports on vaccines should be comprehensive, scientific, objective and fair.” Source
And the Western Governments dutifully following that same propaganda script I don’t think you can trust them at all.
The 1996 study above explains further
“The generation of stably(long lasting. mine) transfected eukaryotic cells(cells that have been penetrated, mine) expressing an integral membrane protein with a known, but poorly characterised intracellular trafficking pathway, would provide useful reagents for future, more precise, analysis of that pathway. TGN38 is a type I integral membrane protein which cycles between the trans-Golgi network (TGN) and cell surface; at steady state it is localised to the TGN. As such, TGN38 is an ideal candidate for tagging with GFP. We have generated cDNA constructs encoding ratTGN38 tagged at either the N- or C terminus with GFP. Transiently(temporary) transfected rat (NRK) cells expressed active fluorophore, but failed to show correct localisation of the fusion protein. In contrast, both constructs are appropriately localised in stably transfected NRK cells and both are fluorescent”– Source

What they are saying is that they found that stably transfected cells –that is cells that have been permanently changed by the introduction through the cell membrane of the florescent green tagged to the inserted gene show a permanent luminescence in vivo–live! 

If nothing else it would seem that this first Pfizer shot being rolled out is for this purpose above. To effectively tag, flag and mark the human cells through transfection via the use of Polyethelene glycol and mNeonGreen tagged to a protein on the membrane wall. Wodarg and Yeadon say that this spike protein(syncytin-1) is also shared by the placenta building/forming process in mammals. This luminescent green will show up in the mitochondria of all your cells in vivo, that is live for further study.

It would seem to me that this is a mass experiment to change the human genome in ways we do not want to contemplate.  

A company that is into GENE EDITING explains
Plasmid design is followed by construction and delivery of ready-to-use, sequence verified plasmid DNA. Further, we provide more sophisticated genome editing services, such as target site validation, and use of genome editing technology for stable cell line and transgenic mouse line generation. 

In helping the customer choose between Talen or CRISPR system of gene editing they present this diagram. You can see on the right that DONOR DNA is going to be edited into the host DNA where the strand has been broken on purpose. The GFP -green florescent protein – mNeonGreen – is used in combination/tagged to the new material to be inserted into the DNA. The targeted gene has been knocked out of the genome –a gene that the farmer does not want in his sheep….And  SELECTION MARKER KNOCK IN fills it’s place with new code and instructions. Gene editing at your service. That was for MICE….But the PFIZER thing is for HUMANS!!

AFTER FURTHER STUDY IT IS NOW OBVIOUS WHY mNeonGreen is in the Pfizer shot!


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