Israel’s Propaganda minister says vaccine is effective and safe

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Coronavirus commissioner Professor Nachman Ash published a letter on N12 encouraging the public to get the vaccine as soon as possible in order to get Israel up and running again.


The news media should carry out public welfare propaganda on vaccine safety laws, regulations and vaccination knowledge, and conduct public opinion supervision on vaccine violations. Publicity reports on vaccines should be comprehensive, scientific, objective and fair.” Source

Never before has any of us, the residents of Israel, had such a good opportunity to influence our common future in a small action.
The last ten months have been unbearably difficult for many of us, and here we have hope in the form of vaccines. Many years of scientific research have matured into the advanced technology of a new generation of effective and safe vaccines; An uncompromising procurement effort led by the Prime Minister and the Minister of Health brought the vaccines to us very quickly, and a complex logistical operation will bring them to you through the HMOs.
There is no doubt that vaccines can be a cause for concern, especially when it comes to new technology that has been tested in accelerated emergency processes. These days we are dealing with a wave of rumors and false news flooding the social networks and bulletin boards, but there is no doubt in my heart that the truth will win.
The immune principle is old and has already proven itself: to introduce a protein of the virus into the immune system in order to create antibodies that will work against the virus when it attacks. The technology behind the vaccines approved so far has also evolved over decades, until the moment when it was possible to enlist in the war on viruses.
But in corona vaccines, instead of injecting an entire virus into the body, we insert a code that activates the cell to form a single protein, against which the formation of antibodies protects us from the virus. The code in the form of the mRNA is quickly eliminated from the body, and what is left are the antibodies and immune cells that remember the virus and will work against it – ingenious, effective, safe.
Fear of developing diseases that will appear in a few years has no basis. The mRNA injected into the body disappears quickly and can not cause long-term illness or cancer. The health care system – usually conservative – accepted the expedited procedure with the approval of the vaccine after being convinced that all the necessary steps had been taken to prove its safety and effectiveness. Tens of thousands of people have already been vaccinated as part of the preliminary study and hundreds of thousands at the start of the vaccination campaign in the UK. Now it’s our turn.
When faced with a choice, it is always important to look at the alternative. In our case, if we do not get vaccinated the alternative is bad: infection with the virus. It is a deadly disease, which even in young people can give its signals for many years. And really, when we have a choice between a situation where a whole deadly virus enters our body and the introduction of one protein from the virus, is the choice so difficult? The effectiveness of the vaccine is very high in preventing disease and the risk of the vaccine is low – and especially not different from other vaccines we receive throughout life.
The choice of vaccine is right for the health of each of us and is right for us as a public living together in our country. Only if the vast majority of us get vaccinated can we live a life free from limitations that we all hate. The hope of a normal life that will allow us to return to embracing our parents, earn a decent living, enjoy a football game or a show, requires us to talk small but significant – to run to get vaccinated!


And for the other side

Dr. Michael Yeadon, the former vice president and scientific director for Pfizer, has come forward with evidence that widespread SCIENCE FRAUD was used in the 2020 race for a coronavirus vaccine. In pursuit of speedy regulatory approval, Pfizer abandoned all scientific integrity. The study design for new mRNA injections is based on fraudulent diagnostic protocols that manipulate data endpoints and conceal the short and long-term adverse events inflicted by their vaccines. Dr. Yeadon is joined by German lung specialist, Dr. Wolfgang Wodarg. The two brave doctors have filed an urgent application with the European Medicine Agency, calling out the BioNtech/Pfizer vaccine study because it’s based on FRAUD.

mRNA vaccine studies are based on fraud, conceal serious vaccine injuries

The doctors concur that Pfizer’s vaccine studies should be halted until a credible study design can be presented, one that doesn’t falsify data endpoints and one that addresses a host of serious safety concerns. The doctors warn that Pfizer is conflating non-specific symptoms of illness with COVID-19 diagnoses for the control arm while using inaccurate, high cycle PCR tests for a diagnosis. The doctors warn that the vaccine’s efficacy is being contorted because the study design fails to properly diagnose cases of COVID-19 and fails to confirm infection using the Sanger sequencing method. They conclude that risk of disease and potential vaccine benefit cannot be measured or determined with accuracy. They demand a halt to all human experimentation with these mRNA injections. Wodarg and Yeadon also warn that the vaccine’s efficacy toward spike proteins of SARS-CoV-2 is a real measurement of immune reaction, but this effect will also cause autoimmune issues as well. Among these autoimmune issues is the destruction of the female reproductive system. The vaccines will produce temporary antibodies to coronavirus by attacking the spike’s syncytin-homologous proteins. Not coincidentally, the syncytin-1 is also essential for the formation of the placenta in mammals and humans. Therefore, the vaccines could cause infertility, miscarriage and birth defects, and Pfizer is not disclosing this information to patients. The use of polyethylene glycol will also cause autoimmune reactions, a problem already being observed in U.K. patients. A 2016 study in Analytical Chemistry found anti-PEG antibodies in 72 percent of human samples, and 8 percent of those samples contained high levels, which led to increased adverse events and waning vaccine efficacy.

Pfizer skipped animal studies to hide pathogenic priming, a deadly effect of coronavirus vaccines

Even more concerning is the vaccine’s potential for pathogenic priming. The doctors warn that the vaccine can cause the formation of so-called “non-neutralizing antibodies” that caused death to animals in prior coronavirus studies. Because the vaccine is not tested for its real-life preventative effect when humans are re-introduced to the wild virus, any claims of effectiveness are FRAUD. There’s no evidence that the vaccine actually prevents infection. In fact, the opposite evidence is true. All animal studies for coronavirus vaccines show an influx of non-neutralizing antibodies that causes an exaggerated immune response. When the animal is exposed to the wild virus later, their immune system overreacts, destroying itself. This overactive immune response caused the death of all the animals exploited in the study. These animal studies were bypassed for the COVID-19 vaccine trials because the scientists were well aware of animal fatalities from previous coronavirus experiments. This antibody-dependent amplification occurs after vaccination, but the damage is concealed until weeks or months later, when the animal or person is exposed to the wild virus in real-time. This deadly immune reaction is caused by the vaccine, but will ultimately be blamed on the subsequent wild virus infection. This is the perfect alibi for criminal vaccine makers like Pfizer.
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