A masterclass of deception

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Mike Adams at naturalnews.com posted his situation update on the 14th December and says his sources tell him that a window of likely action to take down the Communist coup leaders is between Dec 18 -Dec 24th. The screenshot shows this below.

It is my contention(and I may be wrong) that Trump is secretly on the same side as the “enemy”. I say this purely because he is still alive and also because throughout his presidency the same occult signature has attended different things he has done just as other Administrations have done before him. In other words Patriots are being ‘led down the garden path’, stalled, given false hope, and disarmed completely by the show that is Donald Trump. Anyway–I could be totally wrong!!
Mike Adams gives dates which are over the Winter Solstice period which lasts for 3 days from the 21st December before the days begin to get longer. This period from the 18th to the 24th contains powerful occult signature dates which the elite will take advantage of. I wrote about their worship of numbers recently — For instance December 18 – The 18 is always seen by these plotters as 6+6+6 the number of the Beast.

Here is a screenshot highlighting the dates Mike Adam’s sources say is the time to act against the enemy.

The whole world believes what the media have said since December 3rd – that Joe Biden has won the election in a landslide. The whole right wing believes that Trump won it in a landslide. The fraud was so blatant and in your face that it had to be done that way on purpose. Why? To continue the dialectic struggle between two seemingly opposing forces –which are secretly playing their role as designed by their Master. The end game that these TWO SIDES are both aiming for is a New World Order. Nothing has changed in my opinion. Both sides are in bed with the enemy.