Just as I said they approved it on 12/10 =22 signature

It is 07:35hrs Friday 11th Dec here as I write. In the USA it is still Thursday evening 12/10/2020. The FDA approved the emergency use of the favoured mRNA vaccine from Pfizer.
The Australian ABC news site looks like this. They report this on the 11th here….how handy for them.

The other story developing which was always planned from the beginning is that the University of Queensland and Big Pharma giant CSL‘s vaccine for Australians is over with. Then the third story above gives the clue…”Australia boosting stocks of other COVID vaccines” –You know that means Pfizer or Moderna –a mRNA experimental DNA changing cytokine catalyst filled with nanoparticles to link everyone to the Global Reset.
Next the American FDA will approve the Moderna mRNA jab on another 11 —[12/17/2020] -see previous post to this. All so they can begin jabbing on Dec 21 solstice.
Time to call upon the NAME OF THE LORD –for He is a strong tower and those who run to him for refuge are safe/saved/sozo.
Greater is He who is IN US…
And no created thing can separate us from His love.
Under His wings we dwell.