Total censorship of the internet is almost complete. Type into Google search engine a subject considered to be taboo or a “conspiracy theory”  and you will find it very hard if not impossible to find links to those so called conspiracy theories. If something is true only those who love darkness are afraid if people read it. When I was 32 I found out that I was adopted. My whole town knew I was someone else’s boy. I didn’t know–I believed the story I was told trusting those who told me that story. But something inside was not right….some nagging inner contradiction caused me to seek an answer. When I was told the true story everything fell into it’s rightful place. There was a bit of anger to go through and forgiveness extended for the long years of not knowing the truth…..
It can be painful to find out truth….and shocking to realise that people have blatantly led you astray all your life.
So when I did this Google search tonight I was not shocked any more buy the totally one sided view presented page after page after page.
Truth has been demonised. Mass mind control is a standard measure today. American Christian and ex-military intelligence officer David Bay from cuttingedge.org has this saying…
“The truth can be found 180º in the opposite direction what the mainstream media report.”
Scroll through these first 8 pages and read my comments at the end..

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With such a landslide of DENIAL displayed by so many official sources (above) it is OBVIOUS that 5G and the Corona Virus are linked in some way. What happened in Wuhan was a test run.  Wuhan is  saturated with 5G enabled cell towers and small masts.
If 5G is turned on full power – at 60GHZ oxygen absorption is seriously impeded in the human body.  People fell where they were standing  –we were told it was the virus doing this. But the same happened in Brussels to flocks of birds when the 5G was turned on there for a test run. Brussels later banned 5g from being implemented!
The 5G caused the deaths …enough to look like a disease was doing it…so the emergency powers of the State were enacted–forcing lockdowns and forcibly taking people from their homes and placing them in hospitals–and who knows where!?
Mobile incinerators were all over China burning the dead day and night. This was seen from satellite imagery. This was a purge of some kind.
All the world leaders at the time and the media hailed the way China…communist China…dealt with the scourge…and with their people.
Since then we have been subject to the same —minus the 5G effect.
I believe that is soon to be switched on like it most likely was in Wuhan.
First enough millions of people must receive the vaccines…..and all will be well for a while.
Then turn on the 5G and something about the vaccine in the blood and the 60GHZ plus microwaves beamed at the recipients and there will be mass die-offs in many cities around the globe.
This is what smart meters do to human blood….not 5G ….just smart meters.



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