Operation speedily Warp the human genome

Patriots who trust the TRUMP administration to save them from the evil Left are disarmed and deceived. The Trump administration with it’s Operation Warp Speed is about to permanently warp the human Genome with foreign genetic material.

mRNA vaccines will be approved soon and then warp time begins courtesy of Operation Warp Speed -Donald Trump’s boasting ground.

As I wrote previously they hope to start the jab on December 21 – The winter solstice. Moderna and Pfizer both have an mRNA vaccine ready for approval which of course they will get.
And Trump’s operation warp humanity speedily will carry those vile vials all across the nation.
Couple this with Monkeywerx observation of a huge 600% spike in the movement of heavy airborne military transport planes around the country recently.
Monkeywerx is a codename: He is “an aerospace industry analyst who monitors real-time flight data of military aircraft in order to identify geopolitical events that are taking place” writes Mike Adams
Monkey werx writes

Over the past few weeks, record numbers of military aircraft have taken to the skies over the United States. Normally, we see a number in the 250 range but the increase had us in the 1600+ range for several days. It is important to note that the military doesn’t always “squawk” on a transponder we can see, so the numbers are likely much higher. source: https://www.monkeywerxus.com/blog/increased-flight-activity

This is what Monkey Werx an analyst summizes that the approximately %600 increase in military air traffic from around 250 flights to 1600means

That leads us to look (at/for) the military aircraft type as the volume we are seeing are primarily what we refer to as “heavies”. 
Could it be troops being prepositioned for a Trump takedown of the Deep State? Could it be equipment such as Humvee’s and tanks, etc. being sent to forward operating bases in the event of social unrest? Those are the million dollar questions. SOURCE

Yes exactly my point!! He does not know for sure what this all means but he is taking the pro Trump approach believing that Trump and the “good guys” are about to win big time. I believe that Trump’s team is all a part of the same team working to destroy America and turn it over to United Nations control.
Monkey werx notes—Meaning large transport types such as C130, C5 and C17’s. Those are used for several things – troop movements, equipment and supplies. Could this be Operation Warp Speed?
Yes it COULD BE OPERATION WARP SPEED!! If the FDA and CDC give approval to Moderna and Pfizer on Dec 10 and Dec 17 then come December 21 the jabs will begin. That is what the world media are saying and Trump’s team are taking credit for it saying it is part of their Operation Warp Speed.

The White House has moved quickly to take credit for the Moderna vaccine’s development.

“President Trump’s Operation Warp Speed is rapidly advancing on a trajectory of success to save millions of American lives – five times faster than any other vaccine in history,” Mr Trump’s spokesman Michael Bars said in an emailed statement to The New York Times.https://thenewdaily.com.au/news/coronavirus/2020/12/01/moderna-vaccine-fda-approval/

Warp Speed =An  Operation to WARP THE HUMAN GENOME

verb: warp;
1.1 make or become bent or twisted out of shape
a twist or distortion in the shape of something.