Moderna on the solstice entry pass to darkness

So I wake up to see the headlines on Google News – a summary of different news conglomerates.

The first link at The New Daily looks like this…[click pic to go to that site]


COMMENT: They announce on 12/1/2020 THAT THEIRS IS 100%EFFECTIVE.

A 13/22 signature yet again. 12+1=13 in a 2020year–which is seen as simply 22

Moderna announced this news their time 11/30/2020 –a 33/22 signature but reported here in Australia on 12/1/2020

Their vaccine candidate is an mRNA type vaccine which WILL change your DNA all throughout your body despite what the media’s cherry picked experts are quoted as saying.

Americans could receive a jab of this vaccine by December 21 if FDA approval comes through and you know that it will because the FDA is totally corrupt.

Dec 21, 2020 is also a signature date

12/21/2020 —add 12+21 = 33 in a 22 year.



December 21st is also the Solstice which is a significant occult event to well…occultists!

From a shamanic site we read…

The Winter Solstice is the darkest day of the year, so our ancestors have been celebrating this sacred time for millennia. Since the Summer Solstice, the sun has sunk lower in the sky and the days have grown shorter and colder. On December 21st, the sun reaches its lowest point and after three days, begins climbing again as the days grow longer, and the promise of warm spring steers us through the cold.

It is no coincidence. Hasn’t Joe Biden been saying a dark time is coming? If Americans receive this mRNA shot(it is not actually a true vaccine) IT WILL INDEED BE THE DARKEST DAY OF THE YEAR!!

That day will be  marked as the darkest day of the year because those receiving the mark oops, I mean shot will be changed from their original condition into something else.

This shot will change your DNA to give you protection from a cold.

You will become a new creation.

You will be changed in the twinkling of an eye.

Normal flesh and blood cannot inherit the kingdom of darkness

So your flesh and blood MUST BE CHANGED

So that your BODY will be fashioned like unto his dark glorious body.

You will awake in his likeness (I am speaking of Lucifer here if you do not realise it)

You will worship the Beast having taking his mark and you will be allowed to buy and sell in his dark kingdom.

Dr. David Baltimore said in an interview in 2015 that these types of vaccines DO ALTER YOUR DNA

You will no longer be truly human – but TRANSHUMAN.

This is what Satan is doing folks.

Oh and by the way…


The White House has moved quickly to take credit for the Moderna vaccine’s development.

“President Trump’s Operation Warp Speed is rapidly advancing on a trajectory of success to save millions of American lives – five times faster than any other vaccine in history,” Mr Trump’s spokesman Michael Bars said in an emailed statement to The New York Times.

Get ready to REFUSE this monstrosity!






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