Replacing Mark Esper, with Acting Defense Secretary Chris Miller

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Mike Adams at Natural news and Jim Stone and other conservative patriotic alternative news pundits are excited that Pres. Trump has sacked Mark Esper. Christopher Miller has for now taken his place.

Miller’s speech (click photo below to go to Youtube) supports the Special Forces role during the aftermath of 911 to hunt down those responsible.

What that tells me straight away is that Miller is yet another Deep State hawk who supports Israel/Mossad and Zionism. He is not against Americas enemies at all…but is working in collusion with them. 911 was carried out by Israel –not some 19 Muslim extremists as we have all been told. “Chris Miller, who previously served as the director of the National Counterterrorism Center should know the TRUTH about 911 and not spew forth the official story. He either DOES KNOW THE OFFICIAL STORY and supports the enemy or he is truly ignorant of the real culprits on 911. I find that totally implausible for such a high ranking position.

I posted the following comment on You Tube –and my computer immediately froze up. It posted but then was not there at all after I restarted the PC.


I am telling you Patriots in the USA….You are being played like a fiddle.

Also the video was posted by  defenseflashnews and just happens to be 13:39 long.

As with all these things they like to broadcast their occult message through the numbers.

13 –Rebellion against God’s authority

39- [3 x 13] – or triple and complete rebellion against God’s Authority