Hurricane Eta by their numbers

October 31 2020 developed into Tropical Depression

Signature: 31 seen as a 13 by Controllers–and the Year as 22 So a 13/22 Signature

Nov 1 2020 Strengthened into Tropical Storm Eta

Signature: 11/22

Nov 2 – Hurricane status

Signature: 11/2/2020 seen as 11+2=13/22 or 11×2=22/22

Nov 3 “slowed tremendously” off coast of Nicaragua

Signature of event: 11/3/2020 or 33/22

Weakened and then became a Cat 1 hurricane again Nov 11th

Signature: 11/11/22

Extratropical storm Nov 13th

Signature: 11/13/22

ETA lasted 13 days starting from a 13 signature date -[Oct 31 or 13 backwards]

Formed and moved along 13ºN Latitude lineº

Backwards S Track——S is for Satan and Serpent –


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