Governments Have Declared War on their People

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The U.S. government’s primary enemies today are the American people, all of us, especially any that question and disobey state mandates. What is planned and what is possible in the near future is staggering.

  • New lockdowns seem imminent at this point, and could be handed down at the national level, which would vastly increase the risk of federal and military policing and martial law.
  • Isolation from friends and family will increase, and job loss will escalate as more lockdowns occur, causing an economic catastrophe, which will lead to a digital monetary restructuring.
  • Travel will become even more impossible, and even local borders could close or be heavily restricted.
  • Those that refuse the forthcoming deadly vaccination will find themselves in a virtual prison, as without a vaccine or health pass, normal life and sustaining any normal life will disappear.
  • Surveillance that is already expansive will become so invasive as to eliminate all privacy, inside or outside the home.
  • Contact tracing will likely become a federal system, with tens or hundreds of thousands of new government workers with one mission; to spy on and report any not acquiescing to government rules.
  • Food shortages that are already evident in many areas would dramatically worsen, causing hunger, poverty, and sickness.
  • Parents brave enough to protect their children by refusing toxic vaccines or quarantine could have their children removed from the home.
  • All this could easily bring about unrest, rioting, looting, and violence as well, whether purposely designed or not, and this could in turn lead to internal warlike scenarios, especially in the cities.

From the Article by Gary D. Barnett posted on Lew Rockwell November 14,  2020 entitled:

The U.S. Government and its Military Have Declared War on the American People