United Kingdom Locks down again by the numbers

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UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced today that a second Lockdown will begin on November 5th and go till December 2nd. Once again these events are Scripted and shown to be by the numbers.

85,000 is just another way of saying 13 to them…you think I am mad…well look at the first lockdown.

  • It began on a hidden way of saying 26— 3/23/2020 —26 of course is 2 x 13.

  • They use 13 because it means rebellion against God’s authority

  • It went for 103 days–again a 13

  • Or 3 months 11 days –or 33 which is the Highest degree of Masonry when the Mason knows Lucifer is God

  • It ended on July 4th a hidden way of saying 11 in a 22 year(2020)

This second lockdown will soon come in in the USA and other places as warned by insiders


PM Johnson announced this coming second lock-down Saturday 31st October 2020

As I have shown before the 31st is also 13 backwards, something Satanists love to do.

Johnson announced this coming lockdown on a 13 signature date…Once again it shows a 33 and a 13 in it’s length!!

Remember this all began with these numbers? Below is a screenshot from my timeline on the COVID19 SCAM