October 31 backwards

Occultists within the Mass Media and intelligence agencies always convey their power numbers 11 and 13 when they carry out any part of their Agenda.

This month of October saw the same pattern of numbers revealed again.

October 30th is seen as 10/30/2020 or remove the zeros and it is 13/22

October 31st is 10/31/2020 or without the zeros and the 31 backwards is seen as 10/13/22

And November is the same. Obviously the US Elections being held on a 33 signature date are telling all that these elections are yet another Masonic/illuminati event.

Nov 1 or 11/1 seen 11

Nov 2 or 11/2 seen as 13 and also as 22

Nov 3 or 11/3 seen as 33

And so on for the whole month…the 11’s and 13’s shall be key dates for their plans. You will see it in their key publications.

For more see my pdf

Remember you are being played –Both sides are controlled by the same master.


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