The Patriot movie 2000 prior knowledge of 9/11

A brief look at the introductory scenes of this popular year 2000 movie starring Mel Gibson. If you have ever seen this movie you would be forgiven for not noticing what I am going to point out. In fact the version you have seen may have had the incriminating scene removed from it. Watch this short video below to see…

Robert Rodat’s 1998 Script depicts Martin saying the chair weighs 2 pound 14 ounces at the end of the movie.

Robert Rodat then submitted a 1999 Script —

Again the 2 pound 14 ounces is a spoken line for Martin(Mel Gibson)

The OPENING SCENE from the 1999 Script submission by Rodat–

The chair is weighed –But nothing is said about the weight by Martin..

Though he balances the chair with a 3 pound weight.

The Movie was released in 2000 and someone decided to increase the weight of the chair nearly four fold! Someone also decided to place the spoken line of the weight of the chair in the opening scenes and not just to counter the chair on the scales with the 3 pound weight.

The spoken line was added in after the movie’s final cut!

How do I come to that conclusion?

In the intro we see Gibson’s hands sliding the counter weight –we do not see his face and mouth speaking the inserted changed weight–‘9 pound 11 ounces perfect’. This shot is in line with the Rodat script of simply weighing the chair and countering using a 3 pound weight. But the audio is added in after by someone.

The close up shot of the hands weighing the chair occurs at exactly 3:26 minutes and ends at 3:32 minutes. Then a panned out shot of Mel Gibson begins.

If the chair is really 9 POUNDS 11 OUNCES AS THE INSERTED AUDIO TELLS US WHY IS GIBSON USING A 4 POUND WEIGHT ON THE SCALES with a small bag of weights to subtract from the 4 pound weight?? In other words they made the scene in line with Rodat’s research and both Scripts that the chair weighed less than 3 pounds!!


Now look at this!! THE PANNED OUT VIEW

Below-see the small cubical weight next to Gibson’s left wrist?

Oh wow!! See that? A 4 POUND WEIGHT being correctly used –with a small bag of lesser weights to the left along the scales which has the fine tuning effect of finding the exact weight of the chair —somewhere below 4 pounds. Just as the Script called for – ” he picks up the chair and hooks to a scale countering with a three pound weight”. That little bag is what Gibson is moving along the scales in the close up hands scene above.


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