I loose Light into every darkness

Adrenochrome lists!! Children disposed of!!


At the bottom of each invoice is this

The CYM Registered Trademark , Registered Number 5475570 when searched for on http://tmsearch.uspto.gov/bin/showfield?f=doc&state=4801:ymdrdi.3.1

shows this(click to see larger image)

It shows that the registered Trademark for the word CYM is reg to “CYM Island Kitchen”

A Facebook page exists for that business- selling Latin food from a restaurant in PA.

  • CYM is not a real company name – perhaps just a made up lying covername.

  • The Registered trademark NUMBER for the word- CYM. does not match the logo.

  • The Address at the bottom is for Trump Tower.

  • However the address for Hilary Notar in Monterey is a military base

  • The many Detention centres listed are active and or closed bases

  • Reverse image searches for the Wardens brings up zero results

  • The hundreds of childen’s names and dates of birth and disposal could be real- Such children could possibly be children that were aborted but kept alive for this purpose...remember over 40million babies aborted each year in USA

  • None of the children seem to be on any missing person lists

  • This whole thing could be a Psy-Op to distract researchers and whistleblowers from the more real and current theft of an election through vote rigging.




Mary Queen of Scots – Bloody Mary, is reputed to have said, “I fear the prayers of John Knox more than all the armies of England!”

Well let me tell you that John Know was simply a believer who believed! Lot’s of believers do not believe.

If you knew who you are dear Christian and the extent of the finished work of God through Jesus you would pray extremely dangerous prayers.

Psa 66:18  If I regard iniquity in my heart, The Lord will not hear. 
Psa 66:19  But certainly
God has heard me; He has attended to the voice of my prayer. 
Psa 66:20  Blessed be God, Who has not turned away my prayer, Nor His mercy from me! 

Do you see that right there in the Old Covenant!?

If I Regard iniquity in my heart – The Hebrew word means

to see, literally or figuratively : – advise self,

If you see sin in your heart God shall not hear your prayers.

If you advise yourself that you are a sinner – God shall not hear your prayers.

If you advise your self that your heart is sinful or wicked guess what? God shall not hear your prayers.

If you hear a message from the preachers that you are a wicked sinner saved by grace God shall not hear your prayers.

On what BASIS DOES GOD HEAR your prayers?


When you do NOT call yourself a wicked sinner.


On that basis I have all confidence and all boldness to come before my Father and ask and proclaim in His name.

John Know said Lord give me Scotland of I die. God answered Knox and kicked out Roman Catholicism from that nation!

Today we have wicked men and women in doing hideous vile things to little children–things to vile and monstrous to mention for the sake of soft hearts reading this post. And I am not speaking about s*xual things.

For this purpose the Son of God was manifested, that He might destroy the works of the devil. 1 John 3:8b

There has arisen evidence of these atrocities which would incriminate many many high up people and companies the world over.

The civil authorities that God is raising up to take down these evil people need our prayers to be able to succeed in their mission. Why? Because tangled up with these sick people are demons and fallen angels and Satan himself.

But do you know that you and I have ALL AUTHORITY OVER ALL THE POWER OF THE DEVIL? YES, YES, YES!!

Therefore I come against every spirit whether human or angelic that is perpetrating evil upon children kept in detention and I BIND YOU ALL. In Jesus name I loose the angels of heaven to make an end of your works and to bring you all to destruction.

I loose the angels of Heaven to shine more and more light upon your activities and to expose all that you are doing in secret.

I bind the spirits involved in the corporate media conglomerates and loose the angels of heaven to break up and infiltrate these corporations. I Loose the angels to shine light on every media mogul so as to bring them to EXPOSURE.

Lord my Father I ask that the LIGHT OF JESUS FACE would shine into every one of these facilities that hold tormented stolen children. I shine the face of Jesus into these detention centres and bind the demons involved with wicked people.

I point the way for the “good” authorities to capture the wicked ones and to set the captives free.

I bind the sorcery and witchcraft that has shrouded these activities and kept them hidden from sight. I bind that shrouding!! I break it off!!

LIGHT is released upon you enemy. Light is released into your midst!! The FACE of Jesus shines upon your activities! His face shines and uncovers all your doings and sets the prisoners free.

Authorities expose them arrest them and take them down no matter how high they are.


The evil ones shall say that this is all a hoax. It is sadly not a hoax !!




translated from the original German to English

Dear Mr. Schäfer,

I send you the photocopies + printouts because I’m scared!

I ordered usb sticks from Amazon and received them last week.

A stick was opened packaging and there was also data on it (PDF texts).

So I wanted to send the stick back first but thought no first look exactly what it is.

I can’t read English very well, but what I understand is a list of kidnapped children! They are probably caught and used, it’s terribly sad.
A company CYM runs camps and evaluates children. They offer the adrenochromes and sell them !!! Diposal means disposal! There are hundreds of pages and me
can only print out a few.
There are also lists of names and photos of adults! I think these are the people where the children are being held captive.

I don’t find anyone here who believes me, everyone says you’re crazy. But that’s true, “Q” says that too.

So I come to you Mr. Schäfer on your side you represent the truth of Q.

I would also like to write to Mr. Trump, but the mail is checked.

I guess that’s not the case within Germany.

Can’t send an email because I’m honestly afraid these are bad killers who torture small children as Q writes.

I’ve been reading about Q for a long time. Please find ways to write this publicly on your blog or website.

I checked the names etc. a few times (not all of them !!!) and the companies are so serious.

Can you give the list to Mr Trump, he will hopefully free you from your suffering !!!

I’m really scared and in the event that the letter is intercepted, you can’t find my name because my son is like that too
old like these poor children.

I wish you strength and thank you very much


(if I should send more then I have to be careful! Write on your hominibus website about Steffi report,

then I see that and can answer!



CYM is the SELLER OF Adrenochrome which is obtained from children that they have imprisoned in detention centres as young as 3. The forms you will see below show the full name of children that are called “inmates” in the last column!

MOZFILE LINK I had here no longer works so I have been removed it


DOWNLOAD THE FULL 43Mb pdf from this server



screenshots of the scanned pages: click to enlarge


Scan below shows that this is not fabricated. Another page overlapped when this scan was done.

j Zavitz and his experience speaks

I thought this guy was genuine and what he had to share makes perfect sense. Can we prove any of this stuff? No we cannot. But that DOES NOT mean it is not happening. He wrote this on Reddit a few days ago


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Listen Ive been doing this for 4 decades I can help you. What ever we need I can get it. Law makers, law alphabet organizations..what ever this takes. I just saw the list on the dark web from my home town grading the adrenachrome of all detainees so they have tortured them once at least for quality is a list from my home town. . What and how do I contact you? I’ve been working these angles of the facilities in particular since 2006 _truth Trojan please reach out soon these kids won’t last. I cant loose anymore this month and I sure can’t let this happen in my home town not at this scale. Email me Urgent Children subject line. kyfts2020@gmail.com


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They put his(TRUMP TOWER) address in so they have more bs on trump fake of course. Since Hunter Biden has been looked at for many years and the information is valid and proven this is a multi billion dollar enterprise yearly a lot of ppl are involved trump is not as far as my email I’ve been doing this for so long recently finding out about an degenerative illness and just coming off a case that spanned world wide. I appreciate all your efforts. Its almost funny just how many phony US companies use Trump tower. They are generally not good and the military aspect of this is way different than you all believe and know. I hope you continue with this. I saw a list yesterday that I hadn’t seen before. Has anyone seen the list of children from Nebraska? Yes im new to this site im and old timer and I no longer need to be in the shadows. But I am cautious it hot me very wrong when I saw my home town deliberating on who gets to stay alive and who doesn’t. You must obviously know about all the tunnels and military sight that were blow up last year you dont need to answer that. One of my specialities is following the phony companies and the money. At this time you can look me up I simply only want to get the children before the same thing that happened 3 weeks ago doesn’t happen again. Im not sure if I’ve ever seen anything larger and more despicable in my life. Is anyone tracking the lists? Please respond. I know you think your being all hidden and clandestine its kinda cute but you’re not I hate to burst your bubble. Everyone that helps on anything helps.


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That person you found is fake on cym corporation there are more than 12 shells that move up to cym and none of them are real my tenors go back almost 40 years..you guys are resourceful and unfortunately the blockchain coming new skills will be needed. It will be like selling candy human and sex trafficking so it can be used for good and bad. I hope you people keep this up. Everytime a company is reviewed on any sight the information and yiur ip address as well and yiur VPN if you have one is tracked told to yhe ppl moving around the phony companies. Just thought I would give you some friendly info they have quantum computers this is s multi billion dollar business and then

you have planned parent hood who are keeping aborted babies alive as they move them into the operating room and every hospital and research center in america and abroad buts those baby organs and all yhe parts in ling the blood which the child is not put under anesthetic before they do surgery on it so it produces adrenachrome. Now that is right out on the open sometimes coming out letting ppl know you are tracking them after being legally sanctioned by the governments of old not trump but they get a pretty good amount. Im not sure you all are ready to understand or see the horrors first hand maybe you have. For me its haunts me .

The things I ve seen in the last month …the last 3 years have been haunting me and their open secrets are sickening. Im not sure how they can identify all the corpses and bones discovered but please keep putting pressure. Just Remember your internet searches your company reviews searches and everything is being tracked. So putting my email out there has no effect on what I do or have been doing for 4 decades. But I appreciate the fact that you care. That is very kind. Thankfully Trump has been pumping money into LE and all agencies and the World has gotten behind the efforts except we have a huge issue in the middle east and Eastern block countries. If you knew the number of records and how many ppl are involved in this you all wouldnt be able to wrap your head just around America. So keep up the pressure. You are appreciated. Shadow…out!

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Well I’ll give you some valid information on the overseas operation. Its spanned through 12 countries and more added all the time. I happened upon a odd situation bit I dont limit myself to sex and human trafficking since you know why…but involved in the operation was the prime minister of Germany he was feeding help and he was closets to merkel and oligarchs. Once his information was received which was a boat load which kead to about 30k oedo getting caught he was helping on the covid operation since we had copies of the patents for the origins and the cure filed in EU November 2019 they all got removed but it was too late they already had been circulated but it cost our friend his life. They said it was suicide but wife child and all knew it was a hit dont know how many people walk to a railyard to kill themselves but the only Solis in that is the rate at which new and important information came out which lead to tracking money laundering out of the USA about 8 shell companies same exact loan same terms same bogus companies but it moved trillions of dollars out of here that was dirty and it led us to find how much phony money is in the us stock market. And the location of a dark market moving 24/7/365 which are all anonymous companies but not any longer..see everything that going on is related to everything else. The alphabet agencies and the mic are all related to everything including the children and the taking down America’s economy for a false flag that the cdc finally came out and said 6% of covid deaths were covid 19 only death average age 74. They would not have shut down the economy if fauci didn’t know exactly what he was doing since he created the thing to hide last years stuff. Sorry im going off but everything us so intertwined.. then we lost a whole partnership from India 28 men that went everywhere all over and were key friends for a long time.. that was very sad and related to everything else. That was over rare earth minerals the … had been getting from China unbeknownst supposedly from top brass at DOJ but it was the dod and the retired mic who have to finish their lavish lifestyles anyway they can. So their mission are on everything and fauci and manuchin are OWO a picture I posted about 3 years ago they are standing in the front row of a davos meeting the picture was a decade old but you could plainly see their faces. These ppl dont care how they get the money they only care that they get it last estimates this ring is about 6 million strong and im not done overseas. So every human is important. I’ve chose to be desk bound when my son was born but hes now hes an adult.

I almost wished I didn’t come out but their failed attempts on me won’t last forever so I know when and how to push the public button. I won’t here and I wouldn’t put anyone in that position just be careful and safe because you are right one person though that shelled money to make this stop was President trump and I couldn’t care less who it was but he got the other countries to look at all of what was gathered and it worked problem now they mostly are above ground which their end date of usa is supposed to be January 2021 and places like Saudi arabia sell women for spirt so if its male you dont see that much unless its an infidel.

Actually there was a very accurate messenger post that went out about the scope of last year and this year after ohio, georgia and Michigan if the MSM would have stayed shut like they were supposed to 40 other states would have come through. You can imagine the tens of thousands and where they ended up. I cant say anymore about that because some stuff is still going on. I got in touch with a law maker in Nebraska he introduces the human trafficking bills in Nebraska to see if he can assist in Nebraska and Congressman Bacon for a bit to handle this upcoming list of extinstion. McCallister is the legislators name. I sent him a message when I found the list he should respond by tomorrow.

Im just knowing that this is nationwide and overlooked in CPS across our nation. Ill talk to … as well..See they make mistakes when your hitting close to home and sometimes its big enough to get the kids and them both but my primary thing is getting the children. I cant imagine none of them will help but I have backups if that happens.

See problem it used to be where you could investigate them for a period of time and get your pics and evidence but they know that. So it simply most often doesn’t happen that way if you want higher levels otherwise all it is. is lowly cartel and thugs. Its the money trails that lead you places but once it reaches a certain level its laundered so well. But the MC is lazy and they never thought they would be questioned while they are moving arms around along with humans what a better cover than that.

Im writing this cause who ever sees this sight and we know they are watching screen shots and real-time as you are typing and every other godforsaken thing they know they are not trusted that people care that someone will be there when they make a stupid little mistake cause that ends them.

The Biden thing is so much bigger than it sounds and Barr and durham are all over that. That stupid drug addict punk is going to sing just like maxwell did while she was hidden here in the US security from UK not America..thats just sad..thought that was pretty good touch but again the msm blew that to hell but they had her long enough. I better stop because now im getting into to too many things that are all related but you all might as well know whats out there and what we’re up against.

Keep following the companies even if they are not active..a lot of the money is right out there and if a huge push isn’t made before the blockchain goes live everywhere it will be impossible to know which contracts are for humans and which are for goods. Like everyone says you can use science and technology for good and you can also use it for evil. Pray for everyone in this fight dont care whos watching you never care about that..think of those blind children that haven’t seen the light of day that for years we’ve been walking on top of there open Graves underneath our feet . they’re in cities underground still in the places that haven’t been able to reach.

Please keep up your searches keep putting out posts keep the public engaged keep this in the forefront of every countries citizens. Reach across oceans you’ll be surprised at how much you will learn and how many people care all over the world its not just our children being stolen. I think of the our children as all the women children and all who are stolen every day. There is 1600 alone gone here every day..now how isnt that the top news of the day every day its a 9/11 every week.

Good luck ill check back in im glad I found you guys anyways sorry if I’m tainted a bit but its been a long road for me and my family from this stuff. But if you want me to delete this let me know how I just found you by accident but every one of you places I find I educate and I know your all very smart and capable..keep fighting. Like I said let me know if I can erase my email which I’ve already been contacted by your sight see one thing im different on is I dont care if they know what they think they know they have no clue what ppl are capable of when motivated by people being human trafficked and the level of depravity they have and the level of detail we have for them. Good will triumph I still believe that. God is watching and will deliver Justice for eternity! I hope this leaves you with a broader picture because each angle each picture has a way to be destroyed…you need to find those unique ways”

And for those who can handle it go to this site to see how they get this adrenochrome

Lady? Gaga wearing an outfit that depicts a tortured child having had their face peeled off –I kid you NOT!!