Watch dates in February

On January 22nd we saw the American coup against Pres. Maduro in Venezuela begin. This regime change by the American administration only proves that Trump is no different than his predecessors. All–both Republican and Democrats are on the same team.

Both sides of the political spectrum are devoted to one goal. A New World Order. That NWO is one devoted to Lucifer. To do this they must abolish national boundaries and democracies. Globalisation is the order of the day.

The coup in Venezuela is all about control of oil reserves as was the invasion of Iraq in 2003. It is also a hit against Russia and China.

This month key dates for their nefarious deeds are the usual 11, 22 dates and 13,26,39 numbers.

Feb 2nd…2/2 gives a 22 signature.

Thus Feb 9th–(2/9=11),

Feb 11th(2+11=13 as well as the 2/11 or 22),

Also Feb 13…(2/13) as this year 20+19 adds up to 39

Feb 20, 2/20 = 22

Feb 22–stands alone or 2×22 =44

Feb 26 (2×13)

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