Unseasonal weather

On January 22nd the Bureau of Meteorology forecast a deep low pressure will form somewhere off the south west corner of Western Australia. It is the middle of summer here and such low pressure cells are a winter event.

The cell formed on the 23rd January and has dumped record rains and strong winds for this time of year.

Here is a view of the cell on 23rd January

deep low pressure cell more suited to winter not January!

Here is today’s view with the low cell at bottom and a cyclone forming at top near Broome, WA.

screenshot of nullschool.net @ 0700 24/1/2019

Nothing unusual here you say….then read”Climate Control is on all the time.” All weather is controlled these days, or at least has been altered by the use of Environmental modification techniques banned by the UN in 1976. What was banned is the hostile use of these techniques. Countries use these methods today to bring rain or clear smog as they want to.

The low pressure was forming on the 22nd January off the south west coast.

“This weather is very unusual for this time of year,” Bureau of Meteorology (BOM) senior forecaster Adam Conroy said.
“It’s more typical of a strong winter storm, so it’s pretty rare to get one of these systems developing in January.

This was spoken on the 22nd January

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