Is Abu Bakar Bashir a Patsy?

The official mouthpiece of all knowledge and truth–The ABC – has announced to all of us plebs that some old guy in white robes is the spiritual leader behind Jemaah Islamiah (JI) and that JI were responsible for the Bali Bombing and the bombing of the Marriott Hotel bombing in 2003 and the Australian Embassy bombing in Indonesia 2004.

Of course there is no proof that JI did the Bali Bombing, but nonetheless that does not stop Julie Bishop from saying that Abu Bakar Bashir is the mastermind behind that horrific event. She has no proof at all, but saying such a thing suits the agenda in the same way blaming CIA operative and family friend of the Bush’s Osama Bin Laden did.

If you are planning to rape and claim someone else’s land and assets then you must first create or identify a suitable “enemy” to justify attacking that land. Hitler and Goebbels had their foolish dupe in their time…he was heard to boast in a pub about burning down the German parliament building in Berlin…so it was easy to allow him to do just that. This is what enabled Hitler to take over fully and blame the Poles thus instigating the blitz on Poland. A convenient patsy…or an agent provocateur.

Of course the Media especially the ABC follow the stories given them by these nefarious agencies who follow orders from higher ups.

It was obvious at the time of the 9-11 event in 2001 that Osama bin Laden was a puppet of the CIA. OBL was supposed to be the leader of al Qaeda all over the world. Yet there was no al Qaeda all over the world, just killings and false flag events which were conveniently blamed upon bin Laden and al Qaeda. al Qaeda is a puppet CIA operation used as a front to blame Muslim extremists.

The idea that a bunch of untrained Muslims hijacked 747’s and flew them into their targets is sooo stupid! And then as the pulverised dust of the demolitioned Twin Towers was still falling passports fully intact were supposed to have floated down from the 70 something floor where the crashed plane was burning. Oh yes, concrete turned to powder and steel too by the intense heat from burning kerosene…but a paper document survives all that and floats down to the ground to be conveniently found so that we have proof now that al Qaeda did it…really??!! Come on!!

Enough has already been written to show that al Qaeda is purely a creation of, and run by the CIA under the direction of Mossad. So when we read after 2001 that Indonesia also has it’s own terrorist group linked with al Qaeda–Jemaah Islamiah, then the astute thinker realises immediately that such a group is another CONTROLLED CIA group doing the bidding of it’s handlers

Considering that the Media have been broadcasting 322 lately, which is March 22 or it could be 3 events Jan 22, Feb 22 and March 22 then the imminent release of the so called spiritual leader of JI who is also said to be the Mastermind behind the Bali Bombing means that these so called Intelligence agencies are planning more evil events.

Just as bin Laden and al Qaeda were synonymous with 9-11 and 9-11 was driven into the psyche of the whole world by the mass media to imprint their lies upon our souls so now the Jemaah Islamiah and Abu Bakar Bashir are linked with the Bali Bombing event which was also firmly etched into the collective mind of Australians. Both events were like Satanic ritual abuse enforced upon the public masses through the media in pictures and numbers with intensity. That is how the media works. Inculcation of lies and beliefs and bias and prejudice against or for the Ruler’s desired targets at that time.

Associated Press Headline story……note how it links in your mind Bashir with Bali Bombing, saying he is the leader of group that did it…Jemaah Islamiyah….but he himself denied that JI even existed!

Notice again how the Media simply say what they want according to their own facts from the history of their own facts. Bashir we are told without any doubt is the leader of Jemaah Islamiyah….and Jemaah Islamiyah committed the Bali Bombing and also the Marriot Hotel in 2003.

You would think from the headlines that Bashir personally blew up the night club in Bali…but in fact

Bashir was initially convicted of conspiracy over his role in the 2002 Bali bombings but his conviction was overturned after he had served 26 months’ jail and he was released in December 2006.


The article above from SMH repeats the numbers from the Bali Bombing for all to ponder in amazement.

2002;202;88. That reads 22, 22, and 4 more 22’s or 8x 11. The Elite handlers always use numbers to broadcast their involvement.

This comes weeks after we were told that the death toll from a tsunami in Indonesia was 222 on the 22nd December.

With the Bali Bombing the numbers reveal the hand of elite handlers overseeing the whole operation. It happened on 12th October==12/10 or 22. It happened in 2002–another 22. 202 dead–another 22. 88 Australians…more 22’s. 38 Indonesians killed…that’s an 11(3+8) and there were 209 injured!! Another 11(2+9)!!

The Bali Bombing was not done by the official patsies just as 9-11 was not carried out by Arabs. Those in the Australian secret services would be able to tell us who really did the bombings….just as with 9-11.

Who were the 4 Israelis seen dancing on a rooftop as they filmed the Towers falling….who were later deported without charge even though their van was full of explosives?

Why were many Israelis in New York warned not to go to work in the Towers that day via text message?

The 9-11 event saw the War on terror begin and the Patriot Act pushed through congress. The Bali Bombing was the false flag event to push through Australia’s own Patriot Act. These so called anti terror laws are really all about taking liberties away from everyday people when the Handlers pull the plug on the system and the expected riots and chaos ensue. Martial law will be declared and those laws which we have been told will protect us will see us locked up instead.

Bashir is from the Indonesian city of Solo….which gets it’s name from King Solomon who sent much gold and treasure to Indonesia and the Asian region, ie Solomon Islands. Perhaps those stirring up trouble in Indonesia want that treasure?

So, in light of the media broadcasting all these elements of their story–their made up story that they want us all to swallow…it would seem very likely that Bashir will be released from prison on Tuesday the 22nd January in keeping with their favourite numbers and script.

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