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Abu Bashir was imprisoned with all the right numbers to indicate that he is part of the Cabal that Rules this world. The dates give their hand away as usual.

22 11 33

16th June is 16+6=22 and in 2011  so the full date was 16/06/11 or 22/11 or 33


He was sentenced to 555 or 15 years prison. 555 or any triple number strengthens the power of that number. Triple 5 means Great Death. This shows that he is a aprt of the plan to bring great death to Indonesians and others in the region—even if he knows it or not. He is the chosen patsy.

He is to be released next week after papers are finalised we are told.

I surmise that it will be on the 22nd January.


Using the calculator and including the date of release (22nd/1) it will be 7 years, 7 months and 7 days since he was imprisoned–777. Or if you do not include the end date of the 22nd, then it will be 2777 days since he was put in prison…again a 777 appears.


Consider that on the 22nd December 2018 Sutopo told us that 222 were killed…22…12 is 66….2018…666…and then they said 222 were killed!!

London 7/7/2005

daily mail retrieved 21 Jan 2019

Look back at a false flag

The picture above from a Daily Mail article demonstrates the number thing perfectly.

52 innocent victims–5+2 =7–The perfect number -hoping to have success in their evil deed)

8:50am or 8+5=13 (Rebellion against God)

7th July or 7/7 or 77 which is 7x11 the number of the Beast and most often used..esp in multiples as in 11, 22, 33, 44, 55, 66, 77, 88, 99, etc.

2005 or 2+5=7

2005 is also 52 backwards which is divided by 26. 26 is seen as 2x 13. So 52 represents 13–Rebellion against God by Satan.

We are told the ages of only 2 of the bombers 30 and 22. The third bomber’s age is not given. The two ages of course are their main point.

30+22=52!! Or 5+2=7 or as shown above 52 represents 13

The Daily Mail article goes on to say that “Hasib Hussain, 18, detonated his bomb aboard the number 30 bus in Tavistock Square, killing himself and 13 others.” As fate would have it–18 is 666 and of course again we see a 13

These false flags are deliberately set up and run by Satanists who also work in high up places in Government departments.

Abu Bakar Bashir is said to have only served 9 years of his 15 year sentence.

Again that is seen by these occultists as 333(9) and 555(15).

Marriott Hotel numbers

Incidentally the Marriott hotel was supposed to be blown up by Bashir’s group in 2003, which he is said to be the leader of…ha ha..The Marriott Hotel has 333 rooms!! The Marriott chain of Hotels are owned by the Mormons.

Hotel opens after 33 days

The Hotel was bombed on the 5th August and reopened on the 8th September 2003…33 days from 6th August inclusive to 8th September.

33 is of course a Masonry number and the Marriott is owned by Mormons who are also linked with Masonry.

A Mormon apron with the occult eye of Horus, located in the Salt Lake City Mormon temple.  Mormonism is highly Masonic, and a Satanic organization.

11th August al Qaeda factor

6 Days after the JW Marriot hotel bombing on the 11th August 2003 al Qaeda claimed responsibility.


The fact that wikipedia–a CIA edited site tells us this official narrative means we cannot believe all is well.

al Qaeda is a CIA run and armed and financed group!! is ISIS to serve the purposes of regime change and takeovers of nations who will not integrate and step in line with the plan of a new world order.

So now we were told that al Qaeda were going to do something to Australia. Next false flag was the Embassy bombing in 2004.

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