I find it interesting that the blue sky show over Queens, New York happened on the 27th Dec(12). That gives 27+12= 39 which is 3 x 13. This once again is one of the elites favourite numbers to do a job on.

The power station is also on 20th and 32nd streets in Queens.

which can read 322–The skull n bones number.

The same number (322) was hidden in plain sight during the mass media coverage of the 222 killed by the tsunami in Indonesia on the 22 December 2018. In that instance news all over the planet headlined the number 222 on 12/22.

That is Three 2’s or 322….and the date 12/22 can also read 1+2=3/22 or 322.

To my mind they are broadcasting a major event they have planned to occur on 22nd March 2019…3/22

They have already done this before when they executed the Westminster Bridge operation on 22 March 2017 when a car travelling at 76(13) miles an hour  ran into 11 pedestrians…how they get the exact 76 miles an hour figure who knows!!

Most news outlets had aerial footage of where the pedestrians were supposedly hit by the speeding car….Is it a funny coincidence that this happened on 22 March  next to the spot where the A3211 lane is? 321+1 = 322

As I have said, these events are associated with their trust in the power of numbers.

Even in an article about the  Westminster attack Al Jazeera says...

The last major attack to hit London was in July 2005, when a coordinated series of bomb blasts targeted its public transportation system during rush hour. The bombings killed 52 people and wounded more than 700 others. 

Actually the attack they write about happened on 7/7/2005(7)  or 777…..and it killed 52(5+2=7) and wounded 700 others!! 5 sevens!! Crazy.

Read about blue beam project


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