Sutopo Purwo Nugroho should blow the whistle

Indonesian spokesperson for disaster mitigation Dr. Sutopo Purwo Nugroho

Whenever a disaster happens in Indonesia one man takes responsibility for telling the world media what is happening and what numbers to report. That man is also dying from stage 4 lung cancer.

Sutopo Purwo Nugroho works is a spokesperson for Indonesia’s disaster mitigation agency. All may not be as it seems with Mr Nugroho. I believe that he is caught in some kind of special operations program.

In 1995-2000 Nugroho worked as a researcher on the cloud seeding program in Indonesia. It is known as weather modification.

After graduating, he worked at the BPPT starting in 1994. There, he worked on cloud seeding.[5] Eventually, he reached the rank of Main Senior Researcher (Indonesian: Peneliti Senior Utama), a rank with the highest pay grade (IV/e) in the Indonesian civil servant system.[4][6]


It would seem very likely that Nugroho was exposed to  substances  that may have led to his current stage 4 cancer during his time with the BPPT.

Then he was accepted to work at the BPPT Artificial UPT Rain during 1995-2000 as a researcher at BPPT’s Artificial Rain UPT.

In order to overcome drought the cloud seeding program spread very very fine powdered salts in the sky…..over 70 tonnes of them!!

Download the seeding program information and read it yourself

 “Seeding material used was NaCl shaped in “super-fine powder” (which is amazingly fine powder) in the order of microns (μ). Seeding material in the form of fine powder obtained through a long process that takes time, i.e. from the beginning stages of processing at the plant (combustion at high temperatures, milling, and packaging), until the stage of shipment from the factory to the site. This cloud seeding program result was total 340 million m3 water in 3 reservoirs, using 74.42 ton NaCL as seeding material, delivered with 91 flight
sortie as long as 101 hours and 36 minutes flight hours


Water quality monitoring with regards to the seeding material was performed by laboratory testing by observing the chemical elements associated with the seeding material, such as NaCl (Sodium Chloride); CaCl2 (Calcium Chloride); CaO (Calcium Oxyde); Ca (OH)2(Calcium Hydroxide) and Urea.



It was not only sodium chloride NaCl that was used but they state 3 other salts were used in large quantities(inferred)to seed clouds. These powders were in the micron size, which means they are able to be breathed in and will get lodged in the lungs.

Calcium chloride was most likely breathed in by Nugroho

skin and clothing. Avoid breathing airborne product.   Particulate inhalation may lead to pulmonary fibrosis, chronic bronchitis, emphysema and bronchial asthma.


Calcium Oxide CAo was most likely breathed by Nugroho

Inhalation of dust through prolonged, repeated exposure can cause membrane irritation, bronchitis, pneumonia, silicosis (scarring of the lung.) It may also increase the risk of scleroderma (a disease affecting the connective tissue of the skin, joints, blood vessels and internal organs) and lung cancer.


Calcium hydroxide as well

Another lung irritant.

74 Tonnes of these salts spread all over indonesia

And that was only during that program! After his time in the cloud seeding program Nugroho became one of the highest paid civil servants in the country. One wonders why?

It is possible that he knows what was and still is being done to the environment in Indonesia.He may know that Governments and companies have been polluting heavily the ecosystems and also the health of the people through these Weather Modification techniques. What better way to shut him up than to promote him and pay him more money.

Blackberry Technology

In 2012 Nugroho used Blackberry phone technology which has been banned by ASIO and other spy agencies because it is said to be too good at encryption security and is said to be used by terrorists.

Nah, untuk menyiasati itu dia menggunakan teknologi. Salah satunya dengan pesan berantai di BlackBerry Messenger.Which is translated….

“Well, to get around that he uses technology.
One of them is chain messages on BlackBerry Messenger.”
“Whatever information about disasters, I have to be fast, because if I wait for a press conference, it will take a long time. I understand the duties of media colleagues, especially online. It needs correct input. So I use BBM, \\\ Sutopo explained when talking with AFP on Tuesday (17 \ / 4 \ / 2012).

“That is what everyone’s name issued a statement. There is a hoax too, at that time the institution needs to be competent to handle it,” he continued.

At present,(2012) there are 817 journalist contacts in Sutopo’s BB.

website accessed 25 Dec 2018

The point is that Mr Nugroho is most likely giving information to the media as he receives it from those he works for via encrypted messenger. You do not come up with numbers like 222 dead on the 22 December on your own…or 281 the next day..(.another 11)…and then the next day a 13 number.

Nugroho is something of a celebrity in the media and Indonesia yet there are signs he is being bribed or used in some way in all these Environmental Modification weaponry events.

It is my belief that Indonesia is being deliberately targeted by those who have these weapons…..and they reveal their involvement by the numbers reported in the international controlled media.

These people entrap and enlist eager ambitious men and women who are compromised by guilty involvement and complicity. Perhaps Nugroho needs more than prayer for cancer….perhaps he needs prayer to blow the whistle on what is really happening in Indonesia.

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