News outlets update the death toll to another favourite number

ABC news outlet reports 281 people killed by tsunami in Indonesia 22 Dec 2018
ABC has updated the death toll to 281 from 222.

It is utterly pointless to tell the world that the death toll is 222 when there are still 853 missing….and then the next day to tell the world that 281 are dead and a 1000 missing.

But these numbers are chosen to broadcast the event is the direct work of the hidden hand which controls the weather weapons.

222 is 3 x 2 or 322 which is the skull n bones number.

It is also akin to 444, 555, or 666, and 777….all these numbers are revered by occultists.

The death toll is now said to be 281. 2+8+1=11 With 1000 missing. We can expect that the controlled media outlets will continue to broadcast their favourite numbers as the death toll climbs.

The media are focusing upon sowing into the collective mind the idea that tsunamis can occur without warning…and can be caused by undersea landslides.

This is to prepare the people for the cataclysmic tsunami they hope to induce at the La Palma island volcano opposite New York.

If they can use their weather weapons to vibrate loose the huge mountain size rock which is under the water at the Canary Islands, the resulting tsunami may devastate the east coast of the USA.

I believe that these two events…the one on the 11/11/ 2018 which showed low frequency waves were used to induce a 7.3 quake near Madasgascar…..and now the same graph patterns show up all around the world for this latest tsunami in Indonesia.

None of the news outlets are reporting on these telemetry graphs which ALL SHOW SIGNIFICANT VIBRATIONS AT 14:30 HRS the very time that the tsunami occurred.


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