Bureau of Meteorology are now saying that Cyclone Oma could crash into QLD. It is now looking more likely that Cyclone Oma could approach Brisbane and the south Queensland coast — but a lot of uncertainty remains. https://www.abc.net.au/news/2019-02-19/cyclone-oma-threatens-southern-queensland-coastline/10821364 As I said yesterday…this system has all the earmarks of being aContinue Reading

Bureau of Meteorology forecaster Dean Narramore commenting on the rain system that soaked QLD in record breaking amounts of flooding rain said it was AMAZING that the system moved out over the ocean and stalled there. Oma stalls over warm waters The system which brought such devastating, record-breaking rain toContinue Reading

Tropical cyclone Oma is being fed hot air and warm water from another system to the north of the equator. The air originated in the so called Atmospheric river which descended upon California last week, then funnelled west around Hawaii, then onto the low pressure system feeding Oma. A lotContinue Reading

Purely because of the numerology of the date knowing how the illuminati think I include this date. The 18th is 666 18/2/2019 is 22 if you add each digit. UPDATE 19TH FEB RT.COM published this story on the 18th FEB at 2200 hours ‘You’ll lose everything!’ Trump issues ultimatum toContinue Reading

Reuters reports that “The Sunni group Jaish al Adl (Army of Justice), which says it seeks greater rights and better living conditions for the ethnic minority Baluchis, claimed responsibility for the attack.” Source The following is from https://brilliantmaps.com/new-middle-east/ Map created by Ralph Peters and originally published in the Armed ForcesContinue Reading

I have posted the full expose by Joe Vialls on a separate page. Event happened on 10/12/2002 killing 202 and injuring 209 –88 Australians killed and 38 Indonesians as well as many from 20 other nations–thus a total of 22 nationalities were killed. These numbers SHOUT LOUDLY to those whoContinue Reading

Strange things are said to be normal events these days. Through the use of weather modification the Jetstream is being shifted up or down at will, clouds are formed, sea temperature raised, ionosphere heated or cooled, tornadoes created, hurricanes formed and steered, droughts and floods etc etc. What I justContinue Reading

Organizations concerned about the health hazards of wireless radiation note that “Right now, you don’t have to live next to a cell tower….but once they have these [5G] cell antennas everywhere, you won’t be able to [move away].” Unfortunately, the “nowhere to hide” aspects of 5G are even more serious,Continue Reading

Thursday 14th February 2019 a car bomb explodes and kills “at least 44” Indians. The term “At least” is used –meaning it could be less or more…but hey! As long as we broadcast one of our favourite numbers–that being 22,33,44 etc we are achieving a goal. Another article says MOREContinue Reading

Once again we see the same numbers being broadcast to the elite. 58 killed =13 515 injured = 11 Crowd number 22,000 Wikipedia says the shooter was said to have : “fired more than 1,100 rounds from his suite” This all happened on October(10) 1st 2017 – 1+10=11 32nd floorContinue Reading

Once again the numbers in the story reveal that this is another false flag committed by agents of evil loyal to the New World Order…and not the accused Muslim extremists. All the pictures I have seen clearly show the shooters as WHITE SKINNED MALES under the balaclava…..they DO NOT appearContinue Reading